broad mites

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    I agree , no residue , no mess.
    Just make sure you absolutely get them all, you never want to get them resistant to that.

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    Do not use them in flower. Very uncool to do. Especially if you plan to share or sell it.
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    Because dichlorvos degrades fairly rapidly it is not generally found as a residue on food. The UK Working Party on Pesticide Residues monitors residues in food, and dichlorvos is rarely found if at all.
    Ok, appreciate your input, but everyone has an opinion on this , so far no actual studies have shown residue or plant absorbtion from this... If it were to leave a residue like a spray i would agree.
    People are still debating this.

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    All I was saying. If you are planning on anybody other than yourself consuming the product. Flower bug free plants or find a new hobby. At the very least write the warning off the pest strips on the bag so everyone can see. If I remember correct they warn you not to use where food is prepared.


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    The guy driving the car in my avatar thought it was ok to poison people too.
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    Yep. I love that avatar
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