broad mites

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    slumdog80 Well-Known Member

    It was a joke there Taco but, xj13 full melt.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    All good here I think, time will tell.

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    thats what ya think corso then BAM! just keep on treating, then when you think you got it..... treat again..... and again..... and someday you can quit treating just in time for some other type of mite to follow you down there one day and eat all your babies!

    mine are in hiding at the moment I've dosed em up pretty good with bad stuff so i doubt they will be around much longer. have you guys used epic leaf shield?? its made right here in michigan.

    NickNasty Well-Known Member

    I had them last year took me over a month just to figure out what it was. I'm a huge fan of organics but in this situation I could not get rid of them organically. Me and 3 other growers I hang with all had them we ended up all just trashing the flowering girls and giving everything else 2 rounds of Avid... I am not proud that I went to this extreme but it worked and haven't seen them since.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    How much did ya dilute the avid? I just him with teaspoon per gallon mix n drenched all my plants with 2 gallons. Was going to move back in flower room tomorrow n spray em again Friday...figure one week of veg n switch lights n hit one more time. If that don't work I may just move.

    NickNasty Well-Known Member

    I used what the directions said but don't remember exactly what that was. I do remember you should do it at lights out because I burned them a little bit the first round.

    burgertime2010 Well-Known Member

    I got my room as hot a as i could and so far it looks pretty clean, I am waiting to re- introduce plants until I am sur.....just curious how your work is going?

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    They seem to not like mighty wash. I ordered in some more of the bad stuff but in the meantime i got a big jug of mighty wash, figured id give it a go I've gotten a lot of referrals for it. seems it also fried the little soil gnats i see every now and again (HAS ANYONE EVER NOT HAD THESE?).

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    I think its going good, no way to tell til its too late tho. So will let ya know in 4-5 weeks.

    D619 Well-Known Member

    Management Strategy
    Follow these steps for successful mite control:
    ● Include at least three different modes of action in rotation.
    ● Determine effectiveness of spray coverage. Are there problems getting control with every miticide used? If so, it is likely a coverage issue.
    ● Use surfactants with most miticides.
    ● If adequate coverage is difficult to achieve (thick or waxy foliage), use
    systemic or translaminar products with surfactant.
    ● Time applications based on pressure and time of year. Under heavy pressure, apply every 7-10 days. Apply each product 2-3 times back-to- back. Follow label recommendations for time between applications, reduce heavy infestations with horticultural oil and then begin miticide rotation (Bogran).
    &#9679; Avoid overuse of one miticide. <---- IMPORTANT. Don't want create super broad mites, like PO did.
    Broad and Cyclamen Mite Controls
    &#9679; Not all miticides control broad mites
    &#9679; Avid, Judo, Pylon, Sanmite/Akari will control broad mites
    &#9679; Cyclamen mites and Eriophyid mites can be harder to control and identify since they are hidden in buds
    Cyclamen Mite
    Abamectin (Avid) Chlorfenapyr (Pylon) Fenpyroximate (Akari) Spiromesifen (Judo)
    Broad Mite
    Abamectin (Avid) Chlorfenapyr (Pylon) Fenpyroximate (Akari) Spiromesifen (Judo) Pyridiben (Sanmite)

    phizzion Well-Known Member

    Try this, it worked on Eriophyid mites, killed them dead in their tracks, after 3 or 4 sprays gone for good.

    This is all mixed to 1 gallon of water:

    40ml of SM 90 made by Nutrilife
    40 ml of Mildew Cure made by Safergrow
    1 tsp Dynagrow-- DON'T EXCEED 1 tsp, has silica in it
    1 tsp Epson salts

    Can be applied right up to picking

    For infestation: apply 3x in 9 days (1x every 3 days)

    After that apply every 10 days to 2 weeks

    Completely coat the plant.

    It is also supposed to be good as a general elixer for plants.

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    Kill broad mites dead with a miticide. Fuck playing around. Best thing to do is never get the fuckers in the first place.
    I can say after using avid I am mite free. Haven't had a single mite found on any of my plants after three treatments.
    Been making sure the spaces are kept spotless and the environment not overly dry. Little neem from time to time for the plants in veg.

    thoumayest Active Member

    Sad but true.

    I hate chemicals with a passion but lets be honest all these products on the market rarely work to full effect. I like the good'ol MW to but it just does not work 100%

    Neem oil clogs the pores and sets the laides back a few days
    Aza works great but is not a Knock Down punch

    Floramite SC works like a charm ... but is very toxic.

    If anyone does choose to go with a miticide be very cautions... buy a full tyke suit for $15.00 and a 3M respirator for about $35.00 and please do not spray anytime in flower ... I know some believe you can but imho it's not worth the risk.

    Once you have wiped them out spray with Aza every 3 to 4 days to stay on top of things.

    Best of luck
    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    if you want to use neem as a foliar, build it up while the plants are younger in veg. - dilute between apps w soap... same w SM90 as it has canola oil, but I like the coriander smell.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    No matter how bad a mite outbreak gets you can beat it. Pretty easy and basic, but not cheap.

    Let's say it's a 72 plant grow with perpetual harvest. That's common here in Michigan.
    Order Avid off Amazon and get a 5 gallon jug of Mighty Wash.
    I used an Atomizer/Fogger to spray with. It breaks down each drop into a fine mist and the mist/fog
    gets into every nook and cranny.

    Treat your veg room with Avid.
    This shit is poison. Don't be doing shots of this shit, trust me. It get all
    up in the plants guts and stays there for like 45 days. It's insane. Don't treat anything in your bud room
    with this shit. If you spray plants in bud with this shit you are an asshole and you are poisoning people, don't
    do it. One month later threat your veg room again. One month after that treat your veg room again. (3 months straight)

    Treat your bud room with Mighty Wash.
    I use the same sprayer (cleaned out real good, eh) Wish this shit
    you spray it. 3 days later spray it. 3 days after that spray it again. Now if you original problem was REAL bad. I'd do it
    2 more times. 3 days apart like the other 3 treatments. At that point you will have your shit under control. Once everything
    is under control, still spray your mighty wash once a week until everything that hasn't been treated with Avid has been harvested.

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    I had a major outbreak in veg a couple months ago I went at those fuckers hard and fast!! 1 spray of Nuke Em (follow the directions and turn out the lights for min 15 min) 12 hours later I did another spray of Nuke Em and 30 minutes later did a 3rd application. Followed by another app 4 days later and an app 4 days after that and finally a 6th application 7 days after that. Lost 3 strains (one I lost because the rooting cuts never rooted) but 6 others strains and and cuts I had sprayed as well pulled through a month later and actually 2 of those are in flower, no need to chuck a whole room and start over, just be prepared to be delayed as fuck!!

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    I like what you're saying except I would substitute the Mighty Wash with Nuke Em and if you're more on the environmental side use Nuke Em in veg like I described above, I know many that have had much better luck with Nuke Em over Mighty Wash (avid of course works wonders but like Eagle 20 shits lethal).

    thoumayest Active Member

    If anyone does buy Avid or a Chem

    Be sure to buy a Tyke suit and a respirator with that order. After doing my research on the miticides I realize... shh is nothing to play with. Be Cautious

    $50-$100 gets it done

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    Fuck. Great point. What I do is plug my fogger into a long extension cord. Take the end upstairs, or out of building, whatever the case. Plug in for 10-15 minutes and let it run.
    (With all my lights off!). Then I unplug it and wait atleast an hour. Plugging it into a timer for 15 minutes would work also. That isn't too long with the sprayer I have.

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    Fuck I leave my house for a couple hours after using Eagle 20

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