Bowser 29 aka Orange Creme Soda

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    3Beans Genetics out of Wasilla AK. Ryan Bode known around here as "The Engineer" to some. Has the Bowser strain. These are numbered and it's a pain trying to keep straight which pheno is which. That said they're all good. I'm running 24 as well as 29. A 29 was started first so cut first.

    Taste is excellent with a good pleasant orangey taste on the inhale with a hint of vanilla on the exhale. No hash cough.

    Odor is very unique in the jar with the smell kind of like those cheap Orange slice candies.

    Very potent. Nice head high and fun. Good for wake and bake.

    Regular seeds only and I got a lot of males. The females 2 pheno. One long and rangy and the other much more compact showing its indica genetics. Nice firm buds. Needs a lot of light. Takes nutes well.

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