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    i can say the 'weed' in question was not over fertilized, as far as vaping goes...never done it, bongs & joints for me, only froze 3 different lots over 5 years, each batch seemed to offer headaches? but we is all different aint we? possibly a rare occurrence?
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    Amos Otis

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    I figure it's worth risking a jar with the just chopped Satsuma. Will do a comparison smoke in a couple of months.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    why not but not for me? that was more than 20yrs ago when i froze the gear, have developed migraines this last 10 yrs and cant bear the thought of taking anything that offers headaches...even the thought of the Headband strain turns me off with its painful name!

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    ASS is down at 67 days. Only Bodhi related plant I have at the moment is a Space Monkey f2 10 days in flower and leaning Indica.

    Nu-Be Well-Known Member

    It ain't frozen, but it's a little frosty. ;) Lemon Diesel x OMG testers.

    #6 is a possible keeper, here at harvest on day 63.
    2018-01-14 LDOMG-6 63F Whole.jpg

    Live nugs.
    2018-01-14 LDOMG-6 63F Nug.jpg

    Good colors from overnight lows in the 50s.
    ldomg-6 p.jpg

    In the jar she's sweet berry and a hint of citrus candy. Ground up, she turns on this powerhouse berry and coffee candy smell.
    ldomg-6 l.jpg

    And she's the strongest reveg I've seen in awhile. She didn't go thru an ugly leaf phase. This is 21 days after harvest, same pot with an inch of mulch on top. 2018-02-05 LDOMG-6 21rv.jpg

    I honestly don't know if I'll keep any of this cross, but I did collect pollen for some F2. Here's the frosty male outside at Thanksgiving, big balls and all. Day 17.
    2017-11-27 LDOMG-5 Male Frost 2.jpg

    Schmarmpit Well-Known Member

    Do you normally keep that much bud on the plant for reveg? I've never done one before but I am very interested. It would certainly save time and space compared to trying to clone everything that "might" be good. Would much rather just reveg a stellar plant after it's been grown and smoke tested.

    Warpedpassage Well-Known Member

    I can say for most plants, especially the wide leave dominant varieties, its a good idea to leave as much of the plant structure in tact for a vigourous reveg. In past attempts i have made the mistake of not leaving enough plant mass, and they were total failures. Also have to be much more tactful in not soaking the medium too much too often or risk rot and eventual plant death.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Some of my plants I've regenerated, have died off from the root zone.

    Schmarmpit Well-Known Member

    Would the idea be to then take a cutting when you notice it finally starting to veg again, instead of using the old root mass through another cycle?
    Amos Otis

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    Nu-Be Well-Known Member

    I've learned thru trial and error to keep a lot of plant matter for revegging. I left more than half of this one and it's only now just starting to sprout a little on the bottom:
    2018-02-05 K4OMG-5 21rv.jpg

    Just remember that, even if you reveg a whole plant, it ain't a sure thing. Some will die no matter what you do. And, successful revegging can take months, so be patient and have a plan. It seems to come down to genes and technique, but you can't count on it. Males are especially finnicky.

    Some revegged plants get confused, whether you clone a reveg, or clone a flowering plant and then root + reveg. The hormonal ones need pampering and may never snap outta it. If they do recover, they're probably OK going forward, but you never know - terroir and epigenetic effects are real.

    Also, it's tough for me to pick keepers to reveg before thoroughly toking the cured nugs. If you have clones, you got time to choose. If you're gonna reveg some and cull the rest at harvest, I find it much harder to pick. Sometimes the effects from cured nugs are a lot different than quick-dried, pre-harvest samples.

    Take this round of LD x OMG testers for example. I vaped samples from all 4 ladies before harvest, and then picked 2 plants to reveg and evaluate, killing off the others. These "keepers" both had the growth I was looking for, had more solid nugs, good nose, pretty good flavor, and seemed to have decent effects. The LD6 from my last post was the frontrunner.

    After toking the whole cured gauntlet with a few people, I found out the hard way that you can't judge a book by its cover. This LD1 that I didn't reveg was the clear winner:

    ldomg-1 p1k.jpg

    ldomg-1 l.jpg

    It's not as pretty or as dense as LD6 above, but its cured buds are much more potent than the rest, and the effects are more desirable. I couldn't tell that from the sample nugs.

    Turns out I didn't like any of them very much, but that's besides the point. Full smoke report in a few days in the LDxOMG tester thread @ BB.

    OzCocoLoco Well-Known Member

    Dream Lotus and Moontang starting to push into flower mode
    IMG_4545.jpg IMG_4530.jpg

    OzCocoLoco Well-Known Member

    Sky Lotus starting to fill out,looks to have another 3 weeks or so to
    IMG_4522.JPG IMG_4520.JPG

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    I re-vegged for the first time ever 6 weeks ago. 1 LA Sage, 1 OG18, and 2 Goji OG. All 4 plants were 4 branch plants. I left the bottom most nug of each branch on the plant for a total of 4 small nugs per plant. Put them under a 400 watt MH 18/6 and watered with light veg food. After 2 weeks the first Goji started. A week later the LA Sage. A few days later the other Goji started and after 4 weeks the OG18 started. The Sage and the 2 Goji are now bushes and ready to pull clones from. The OG18 needs about 2 more weeks.

    Either I'm very lucky or I have a smelly green thumb. I'm still a happy camper 8)

    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    What can you tell me about the OG18? I have a freebie and it looks interesting.

    splitopenmelt Member

    I just finished my first run of it. My clone has thinner leaf blades and is pretty branchy. She stretches 2-2.5x in flower, finishing around 10 weeks. Not a big yielder but produced some nice orange cream candy scented nugs with an uplifting effect.

    Side note: I just scored a pack of the Lucky Wookie, I’ll probably try and chuck some pollen onto the lucky charms for grins...I attached a pic of my LC mom post bondage.

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    Tangerine_ Well-Known Member

    100% germ for Chem D x SSDD. I sprouted 5 and they've all lost their shell and are up and open.

    Sour Butter x 88g13hp is coming down in a couple of days. I'll throw up some pics before I chop her. This one is a beautiful plant to grow out.

    I cut one of my Time Bandits a wk or so ago and I'm still unsure who the clear winner is.

    # 1 has a slight baby poo smell. It has short stout structure with frosty dense buds
    while #2 is a bit stretchy. Smaller buds covered in frost with a more pungent, earthy, sharp citrus smell.

    Pics to follow soon....

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    It's definitely not the same as it was a few years back but still kicks ass. Very strong indica. Be careful with it cause it could herm if not treated right. Gets a plus for being a fem seed.

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    Goji is gone from GLG. Anyone with F2s or crosses to share hit me up please.

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