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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    I'm doing this. Will report on how it affects the goji.

    bigbongloads Active Member

    Space monkey male a couple weeks into flower

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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    frosty & smelly on the stem rub, structure? plans to let it flower all the way out?
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    bigbongloads Active Member

    Yes had trichs in veg before the flip. Had a weird funky chemical like odor was pretty stinky from the stem rub. Not sure on the structure I was wondering if anyone knew if it’s possibly wookie15 dom or gg4 dom? It’ll drop polllen in a couple weeks then hitting my girls in flower.
    Space monkey f2s
    Space monkey x sour power og (karma)
    Space know monkey x crackerjack
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member, this makes the weed more interesting / better when smoked?
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    yes, but not as bright of a pungent funk as room temp cured, but more flavorful than room temp cured. my thoughts of the least few years has been if you can smell it you are losing it. those terps that are evaporating & gassing off into the atmosphere should be in my lungs & mind. sorry for sounding like a hippie if i came across that way.

    natasdaisy Well-Known Member

    finally had this pheno of silver mountain tested. 20180124_152337.png 20180124_152509.png
    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    Almost forgot, neroli is bitter orange flower oil...
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    This is extremely interesting. I always enjoy fresh weed the most, and often lose affection for what I loved after some months in jars. Related?

    Do you ever put a lid on those jars in the freezer? And why would anyone have a problem with hippies?


    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I like the freezer idea, never personally tried it but it makes sense. You can store fruits and vegetables for months without losing flavour at the right temps, I don't see why that can't be applied to weed.
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member


    Only got one shirley out of 4 Satsuma beans from Midweek Song. She and I never got along after flip. Killed at 74 days post flip. Nothing orange about it that I can detect.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    ive found refrigerated/frozen weed gives me headaches?
    Piggie Smalls

    Piggie Smalls Active Member

    Freezing your weed can make the trichomes brittle and break off. Also it doesn’t decarboxalate in the freezer so THC-A isn’t converted into THC. Just sayin’.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Real close to chopping ASS. She is loud when touched at all and is sour lemon and solvent like fuel terps that wrinkle the nose and sting the eyes. All that with some country skunk. Amber trichs in all scope shots with maybe 1/4 still clear. Plant is fading fast with some purples but mostly just yellowing. Average size plant with nice semi hard nugs and great bud/junk ratio. Waited till now to see if she is seeded from Mr. Space Monkey.
    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Decarb not really the goal. If youre curing your herb at room temp to decarb its going to be a long wait.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    the color does not change after being in the freezer, so no golden hues to the nugs like room temp cured after a couple months. after about 35-45 days i screw the ball lid on or close the clasp, & only open them for immediate consumption. one problem i have ran into is the moisture content coming out of the freezer, the space cake got kinda spongey while the space monkey, bluberry hashplant, dream beaver, jungle spice, cobra lips, & lazy lighting all stayed dense. i guess it was actually my fault, maybe space cake needed a 12 day dry.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    oh damn, now i have to figure out why. only smoke that produced headaches for me was over fertilized & foliar fed by me too late in the cycle, but also it could have been the combo of tops & combustion instead of vaping or a bong like normally.
    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    as we all know, resin glands can break off if disturbed regardless of temp, but i suppose if all of the moisture is not shed yet they will become more brittle if they are in the freezer & jostled around.

    bigbongloads Active Member

    Sounds nice you have any shots of her?
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