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  1. I'm not quite sure since we didn't have that problem and dont wanna point you in the wrong direction, so what ill do is talk to my boy for you cuz he has grown BM before and i'm pretty sure he had that same problem. I will get bak to you later tonight.

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    Werd . Good looks . You've been helpin me outt a lot if I could id send u some of my finished plants but I'm pretty sure id
    Get locked up bc nj sucks balls.
  3. ALIGHT GUYS WE ARE BACK WITH SOME NEW PICS. Its been three days since the last shots we took and the ladies have really taken off. They range in height from 8" to 8.5" except for Brian who is about 7" because we transplanted him very deep. This will be the last set of pics during vegetation for us because we are going to flip the switch starting tuesday following a 24 hr darkness period monday. We will start flowering with one 400 Watt HPS for the first two weeks but we are going to add an additional 400 watt HPS to the grow room to spread out the plants in order give them more light and more space from hitting the wall and other plants. As you can see below, things are starting to get tight and they aren't even a foot yet, so we will be killing two birds with one stone. As for the pics below...
    First is of Peter(Topped)
    Second is Meg(Topped)
    Third is Bryan
    Fourth is Stewie
    The final pic is of all our plants in our setup (you can see how tight it is starting to be)

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  4. Hey guys, just a quick note...
    It looks as if we have two different types of plants but we dont. Stewie and Bryan look identical because they were not topped and Meg and Peter look identical because they were both topped. They are all BM seeds, but may look slightly different in size because we topped two of them. If ppl are looking into purchasing seeds or are just beggining to plant their BM seeds, we feel like they are great plants and as long as they are not ignored and you have basic knowledge of how to grow then you should be satisfied. If anyone has any questions or concerns, Always feel free to comment.

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    Alright G.WIII, they are looking very nice, and healthy as well keep up the good work and your rewards will be great.. peace
  6. Hey satic, I was talking to my boy and he told me to ask you exactly what type of organic soil you are using, because he feels like it def wont be 0-0-0...get bak to me with more info and ill try to help you out as much as possible...
  7. Thanks man, your plants look great as well, keep us the good work as well.

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    The bag is organic soil from a local place I forget the name but I found were I wrote down the npk .
    Its 0.3-0.1-0.2 . Idk wat the issue is but I'm goin to try a few things to try n narrow it down.
  9. Alright, well let us know how it works out.

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    Your babies are looking good, nice and healthy.
  11. Thanks for the reinforcement dirtnap! We are going to post some new pics in a couple of days, prolly on thursday.
  12. Alright boys and girls, we are now flowering. We gave the ladies 36 hrs of darkness or so and then put in the 400 watt HPS bulb. The Griffin family is growing like crazy and after 25 days of vegging we decided it was time to flower. The pics below do not do the plant justice, they are droopy because they are getting used to the new light schedule and because we took the pics as we were watering them. DONT WORRY ABOUT THE DROOPINESS, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. Feel free to comment...
    The first is of Peter
    The second is of Brian
    The third is of Stewie
    The final is of Meg


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    Man they look great nice n healthy . I've had my BM's and the Aurura Indicas under the 250w hortilux blue for about 4 days now n the ones that looked like they had nute burn are recovering. Idk if and wen i ll start a grow journal . GW III you guys helpd a lot thanks again. Wen u topped your plants. How long did it take for them to recover n start new growth. I'm gunna wait till week 4 top them. N waitill week 5 of vegin to start them on their nute's.

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    nice mystic's yo, sub'd

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    Looking good GWIII going into flower now starts the fun part watch those babies go and hey being my second grow with these dont worry to much about the coming stretch the space between the nodes will fill out just fine..once they get down with the stretch try to be sure and get those lights as close as possible,, mine were 1 1/2 - 2" away..Peace
  16. thanks static, after topping they took 3 days to show new growth but they didnt start really taking off for a week or so. good idea to hold off on nutes till week 5, remeber to only use half the recommended dose the first time you nute them though. let us know if you get a grow journal up so we can follow and gl with ur grow.
  17. Thanks stink. I was worried about them stretching to three times their size after flowering so that puts me at ease. Also, you journal has been a great look ahead for us as well and you've been very helpful. We look forward to your finished product and all the details from your finished grow.

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    Mine r about ready to grow the fith node . Should I FIM/TOP them after the fifth one grows or wait alil after ? I'm only askin bc I've never topp'd my plants I've jus let them grow but I'm lookin for a serious yield from hopefully 5 females .
    Cali chronic

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    good luck with that strain, I just got a clone from Dakini Collective Mystic Blue Love the smoke and effect but real touchy to take care of (so far). I mean I got 3 clones at the same time---t-planted them at all at the same time same soil, Yet the Mystic Blue shocked out??? See pic of mystic blue shocked out and just about dead and see the Diesel how good it is going. Same everything. water, soil, time handling etc... touchy strain or something happened to the clone. Yet intrestingly enough the other stuff I have--- called blue dream was a bitch to clone also. see pick of flowering females----just touchy not that I am doing it wrong. I have another clone coming tomorrow same strain I will see what happens to this one.

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    Looking nice and green man, good work

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