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  1. Hey guys! I decided to create this grow journal because I didn't see too many posts or journals for this specific strand. The Blue Mystic seeds that I got are great and they are from Amsterdam. At this point my friends and I only have sufficient space to grow four Plants so we will see how it goes. I'll be activley posting throughout its entire grow so please feel free to chime in if you are growing Blue Mystic or if you have any input or comments :-P
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  2. Here are a couple pics for the start of our grow. The first one is the set up that we had before we transplanted the sprouts. The second pic is of our ferts and supplies that we will use throughout the grow.
    GROW SET UP: 10 sq ft grow space, 400 watt MH, FoxFarm Oceanforest Soil, FoxFarm Nutes, 3 CPU Fans and 1 Oscillating Fan, Panda Foil, four 5 gallon buckets, thermometer/humidity meter, HPS bulb for flowering.

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  3. We transplanted the sprouts into 5 gallon buckets today. Below are pics of our 4 babys after the transplant. We named our plants after family guy characters: Stewie, Brian, Peter, and Meg. The pics below are in the order ive listed above. We called the first plant Stewie because his growth is going to take over the world. We called the second plant Brian because we watered him and forgot to put a tray under the bucket and he pissed all over the floor. We called the third plant Peter because he looks good, but somewhat lost. And the final plant is Meg, because she was the least developed out of the four. We just hope that she doesn't go herme on us! The plants are extremely small right now especially beause they are close shots in 5 gallon buckets, can't wait until they take off!

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    we have similar set ups, same strain n all...I have different nutes tho (jacks classic) I will subscribe and follow ! Good Luck!
  5. Thanks for the support! good luck to you too, let us know how your grow goes. :weed:

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    I updated my sig with the link to my journal so you can see ;)
  7. awesome, subbed :leaf:

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    Good stuff. Sub'd
  9. Thx SotaFats :clap:
  10. hey guys, just taking care of the babies for the rest of the weekend. Once they show some more growth I will put up some new pics of the Griffin Family which will probably be this monday or tuesday

    McFonz Well-Known Member

    I grew quite a few of thoes.
    Running 2 mystics this time around as well.

    Its a very nice producer, heavy feeder and pretty easy to grow.
    It doesn't smell as strong as other strains and of medium height.
    The seeds show a lot of variation. Grew 8 seeds - all turned out different from each other.

    I read a smoke report about it a week or so ago in the smoke report forum thing which describes what I think about it product wise.

    If you need anything specific feel free to ask me.
    I grew it both in soil and in coco\perlite using organics with soil and chemicals with coco.
  12. Thanks Mcfonz, I actually do have a question for you; what height were your BM plants that you grew in soil when you began to flower them and how tall did they end up being. Also What was your lighting system like?
  13. Alright guys, we have some pics of the griffin family after 5 days of being in the 5 gallon containers. We have a birds eye view of each plant and then a side angle to go along with it.
    The first two pics are of Stewie
    The Second two are of Brian
    The third two are of Peter
    The last two are of Meg
    Brian shows the least amount of growth just because we transplanted him the deepest.

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    McFonz Well-Known Member

    Anywhere from 5 inch tall to 1.3 meters.
    They strech to about twice their size but they react very well to changes.
    With my 1.3m one I had enough light to keep strech to a minimum and ended up with 1.6m tall plant a bit tied down.
    With the 5" in coco\perlite I ended up 1.2 meter high.

    They usually strech for 3-3.5 weeks after the flip.

    I had quite a few phenotips each streched differently.

    I use a 400W philips green power in a cool tube.
  15. Thanks man that helps us out, we are trying to figure out at what height we want to flip the plants because we dont want them much taller then 4 to 4.5 feet. Another quick question since this is our first grow with BM, what was your avg yeild per plant?

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    hi mate, got some blue mystic on go.........little ahead of far very short and bushy.shortest plant ive grown i think.....slow to start , now looking ok, good luck, will be watching.

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    I just orderd 20 of these seeds non fem'd from nirvana seed bank. I have a 150w hps light n a 250w MH LIGHT . I'm wondering for this perticular strain if that will b ample lighting. Since I dnt have any exp. With this plant any help is much appreciated. Drop me a pm or ill check bak in while. Thanks
  18. It depends on the square footage of your grow space, although when your plants are vegging a 250w MH light should be just fine. However, the 150 w hps light seems to be a little low. Also you need to figure out how many lumens your hps light has because you want to have at least 3500 lumens per square foot for decent conditions. I'm not saying the 150 hps wont do, I just dont know what your grow space is like. If you have any other questions let us know.
    Happy growing
  19. Ya, so far they are slow growers upward, but have expanded very quickly outward which is typical of an indica dominated plant so its what we expected. How much farther along are you and do you have a thread on here for your BM plants?
    Thanks and keep in touch

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    The 150w puts out only 1600 lumens but I figured since one of my friends is comin bak from college bout the same time ill b gettin the seeds . He's giving me another 150w setup. I grow in my closet roughly 7' high x 3' wide x 4' deep. I got a oscilating fan in the closet to keep the temp down alil bc my apartments cold to begin with. As for the blue mystic as long as I get 1 female outta the 20 I'm fine bc I can jus clone a bunch .

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