Blue Gelato #41 Grow Journal (DWC)


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It's time to start this grow journal. For over a month I have been trying to start my seeds in Coco Coir Pellets...With No Success.

However, I used Rapid Rooters for my Blue Gelatos and they are in the 2nd Week now...YES

I have a Vivosun 47x57x72 Grow tent with A 4" Inline Fan on a 4" Filter for Outtake

The Intake is a 6" AC Infinity Cloudline T6 with Digital Thermo...
I also have a 6" AC Infinity Cloudline S6 for Outtake
2 Vivosun 6" Oscillating fans with a Humidifier going cause its dry inside

The 1st set is of the Tall and Short BGs. The Tall one is Week 2 Day 1 and the shorter lady is Week 1 Day 13

The Tall one Stretched while I slept for 4 to 5 hours. I swear I checked the seeds before sleeping and I should have turned on the lights

But I didn't. When I awoke she was 2" tall.

They haven't been fed any Nutes as of yet cause they are just 2 weeks in...

The tall one has 6 roots -5 just now submerging into the water and 1 that has been in the water for a week now. It's around 8" long while the other roots are 3"

The shorter girl has a root that is about 12 go 13" long. WOW! and just 3 other roots growing.



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These pics are of Day 4 and Day 3...Starting on Week 1 Day 12, I put them under the 1600 watt LED (true 200) They LOVED it and have been under it every since (prior too, they were under red and blue 80w)

Temps @ 76-78 (High 81 fans blowing strong)
Humidity @ 52-64 (Low 42)

My Cotelydons are yellow on the tall one with a brown streak down the middle. The Short one is yellowing as well.
The Tall one has one Leaf with a lighter green than the other leaves...I'm hoping that is just from new growth.

Below are today's Pics



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Well...the girls are growing..especially now that I corrected that problem of light green..

On Week 2 Day 18

I noticed the light green coming upon both of the 1st true set of Leaves on the short one. I then noticed the tip of one of the 1st True sets on the tallest one.
The leaves drooped on the short one as well...I thought maybe the 80w wasn't enough for them so when I get home from work I'll give it the 1600w LED from jump.

Well, the problem didn't correct itself and now both True sets of leaves were now YELLOW. WHY?!
I looked closely for any pests..No Signs whatsoever.
The light didn't correct the drooping nor yellowing. It's spreading. But the Tall one's majority of leaves are strong and vibrant. The short is looking strong despite the yellowing.. I took notice to the Cotyledons on both...

Now..Only 1.5 of the 2 on both are remaining. Looks like someone took a bite out of them since my last post. I thought maybe it's time for Nutes? Well, One full Coty is remaining on both so, they are almost making it to week 3.

Week 2 Day 19

When I got home from work my short one leaves were still at a droop and Both Cotys were crumbled brown. I then noticed the Tall girl's Cotys was crumbled brown. They will not make it to Week 3 without nutes is my determination.

So, I took action. They are in a 3.5 Gallon pot with about 2.2 Gallons of water. I gave themt a little less of 1/4 nutes to ensure I wasn't going to do too much damage.

4 ml of FloraMicro
4 ml of FloraGro
4 ml of FloraBloom
4 ml of Hydroguard (I saw a slight yellowish on the roots when I set them in another pot or maybe it was the dim lights at the angle)
4 ml of RapidStart

Week 2 Day 20....12 Hours later...

The Drooping of the Leaves on the Short one's leaves has now raised and looking healthier. Both leaves are looking as if someone is fade painting them green over the yellowing of the 2-1st True Sets. As well as the Tall one. Her leaf is now green again.

They are both showing low from the applied Nutrients.
I'm going to pay close watch to them since I rolled the Electric pallet jack over my left foot at work and I'm going to be home for the next 1.5 weeks anyway. I'll post pics of them drooped and then recovery later
Actually, in the Above Pics you can see the Yellowing starting on Day 16 or 17 when I posted them.


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Okay Guys and Girls..

We have made it to Week 3 Day 21 for the Tall Lady and Week 2 Day 20 for the Shortty..

They have recovered almost completely...the Tall one had just a minor yellow tip of one leaf.
The Shortty had 2 leaves completely yellow and all leaves had a fluffy droop.

Now they have straightened up and greened out almost completely.

I'm not sure if I should change the bucket today or not since I changed it 2 days ago prior to their

I'll just leave them be until Thursday and keep an eye on them frequently. I'll be off nursing my sprained ankle (The Doctor noted)



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Quick Question

Can I add extra light to this Tent? This is a LightOn 1600 watt LED. I bought 2 of them cause they were at a great price and I couldn't pass them up, I was looking for another Vander 1000 watt, I saw that divided in half allowing light coverage as much as 4x4, This one does the same. However, I'm thinking, more light can give me a bigger yield. Though my grow space is limited, 47x57x72 is this all I need for my 2 Blues? I also have a Vander 2000 watt LED.



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Week 4 Day 28 and Week 3 Day 27


It's been a Long Week. My Girls were on a record start and just after the post on Week 3 Day 22..

I noticed after adding the additive (Rapid Start) My roots went from 6 to 10 count to 20 to 30 count per plant.

However, in the middle of both was a patch of Dark Brown clotted roots. OH NOOOOO!!

I have experienced root rot a very very long time ago, but WOW! So quickly after I just seen them 2 days ago?

I acted quickly and cut off both zones of what I ASSumed was root rot.

Day 23 I had a thought in the back of my mind to check and see if it was completely taken care of....

I cut maybe 1/2" short on the short girl in the infected zone. So, another HST day for her...YIKES!!

They both drooped as expected and both were also suffering from over feeding of nutrients as well.

Day 24 and Day 25

I have been top feeding the girls and I also decided to put them in their own 5 Gal Buckets.
Maybe one infected the other and I can salvage the Big Girl?

The Girls are now showing signs of recovery. The Tall girl leaves have regathered her Green.
The short girl is recovering her green in the middle slowly. Both Stalks are thickening...Wow have they thickened.

Day 26 and Day 25

The Tall Girl's roots after being placed on 3 layers of Hydroton, have pierced the 6 " Net Pot. She is getting taller as well. Leaves are standing again.

The Short Girl has 1 root piercing the bottom and more green and vigor showing...

Day 27 and Day 26

The Tall Girl is so Vibrant and she has roots shooting all around her net pot with several touching down to the water 2" below the Net pot. NICE
The Short girl has 5 roots along the sides and she's getting stronger..

Day 28 and Day 27

The Tall Girl is growing strong and Both girls are showing signs of coming back.

Though they are now a week behind, they are still on track because they were ahead of schedule at first (slightly)
Both are buried in the Hydroton 2-3" and have grown considerably even through the Shock and Recovery.


4 ml FloraMicro
4 ml FloraGro
2 ml FloraBloom
2 ml HydroGuard
1 ml Rapid Start


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Also, I'd like to note the temperatures were the main reason...
During the supposed root rot notice...The water temps were 78-82. BAD!

My Portable AC I paid $633 is a DOA and they are replacing it...SLOWLY!

I also think the sharing of the 3.5 Gal bucket and temps and rapid rooters debris was a Colab of the problems


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What you should end up with :)

Really nice strain.

What power isyour light ?


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Hopefully I finish as

I'm using some cheap blurper lights..

I have a (2)1600w LightON and a 2000w Vander

I have been running the 1600w (200 True) mostly 18 hours and the 80w for 6 hours

Now, since they are recovering, I have put the 2000w Vander on them cause the Lights are White and Bright
vs the Flower lights of 1600w LightON

Thanks for commenting


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Hopefully I finish as

I'm using some cheap blurper lights..

I have a (2)1600w LightON and a 2000w Vander

I have been running the 1600w (200 True) mostly 18 hours and the 80w for 6 hours

Now, since they are recovering, I have put the 2000w Vander on them cause the Lights are White and Bright
vs the Flower lights of 1600w LightON

Thanks for commenting
you mean.. they have light 24/7 ? or it's me that didnt understand :dunce:


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ok, did you already try this ? Not telling you what to do
Yeah... it's cool..suggestions are always appreciated...
but I tried it... and after research and others here say...that 8 hours isn't a difference maker.

Running 24/7 has proven High Yields. So this is my 1st Try at a 24/7 Veg
I'm not sure though if rest is important during the training period though...I will be topping/LST in another 1.5 weeks it looks.
I need to check if rest is needed after Stress. Which I naturally done back in the day but this is a new trial for 24/7


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Crisis Averted... After TERRIBLE Customer Service from Global Industrial (and I will leave a 1 star Review on their site)

My Portable AC Unit is NOW working after the readiness to package and send it back for a $633 Refund. This thing has 6500 BTUs
and I kicked this thing being pissed off....
A Voice in my head said plug it in...I said Why? I have Plugged it in for Numerous of times and the fan wouldn't turn and emit cold air.
Well..I did...

BAM!! The Fan is turning and ICE COLD air is coming out!
I moved it to my tent and plugged it in again and NOT WORKING! So, this thing has a short Internally. Cause I wobbled it and it came on.

It's a overcast and cold weather for a change so I don't have my AC in the house running. The Temperatures were at 72 degrees.

My original plan was to cut a hole into the tent to allow passage for the DUCT which extends from the unit. However, I have 25ft of Infinity AC 4-ply DUCTing and instead I channeled a current from the AC unit into my extra AC Infinity S6 and plugged it into the available 6" Sleeve...

BOY! I left the room for 10 minutes and came back. The T6 Unit was running and I was pissed cause I thought it was trying to cool down the tent.

NO! I have the settings set at 67 degrees being low. This thing was at 67 degrees and the T6 model was sucking air from the room to balance the temperature...WOW!!

Awesome and I purchased a chiller and RDWC unit for NOTHING! well, I plan on expanding when I move to the 4 unit RDWC anyway, so...hey..I'll convert it to a 2 unit and have it running until I move to keep the water fresh on the girls...

Week 4 Day 32

I decided to Top the Girls at the 3rd Node. I don't want them getting tall in the 72" tent and that means during Flowering I am only going to have about 52" of clearance. I'm going to Mainline these girls and top the F out of them for the remaining 4 weeks which give them 8 weeks of Vegging...I also gave them 2 ml of Cali Magic 2 ml of FloraBloom and 1 ml of Rapid Start... I shorted them on the Florabloom Sunday so, I added more and the Cali Magic should have been added...They are thriving and recovering from the Topping and LST...

I also added the VivoSun s1000. This bad boy is a Beast of a 1000w with only a 100w pull..NICE. Only $109

With Samsung chips..Excellent deal! It's BLASTING away the 2000w Vander SMH boy did I make poor decisions early on...
I will be adding the spider farmer 2000 when I move but as of now, this is a nice option and addition to ensuring I get a Nice Yield..



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Well..The crisis hasn't been Averted..

The Root Rot that took place wasn't only patched up.... the Fungus of course further up in the root system.

Thus I will have to Treat them with a Tea Brew to Disinfect them throughout and they shall flourish afterwards..

I have taken action in purchasing the necessary items to brew the Tea Compost

Ancient Forest.
Great White
... (Beneficial Mycorrhizal, Trichoderma, Beneficial Bacteria)
Hydroguard...(Bacillus subtilis, Paenibacillus polymxa, Bacillus circulans, and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens ) ..Good Thing I already Have it..
Also purchased Sugar Load (Molasses)

This should arrive Wednesday night, in which I will began brewing the tea. The Brew should finish Friday and I will immediately begin treatment.

The good thing is that these girls are FIGHTERS!! Very Resistant to the fungus and are continuing to grow (at a descent rate)

4 Days after the Topping the Girls showed 2 nodes growing in the place of the topped.

Week 5 Day 35 and Week 4 Day 34

Both girls received a peroxide washing of the roots and tap washing of the white clumps on the roots.
This cleared them of SPOTTED fungus growth. The only remained roots that didn't break from light cleaning are the healthy roots.
Buckets were Sterilized with alcohol first then chlorine.

Nutes given were just above 1/2 strength so as to bottle feed them and await their medicine (Tea Brew)

FloraMicro 6ml
FloraGro 6ml
FloraBloom 6ml
HydroGuard 3ml
Rapid Start 1ml
Cali Magic 3ml
Silica Blast 2ml


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Week 5 Day 37 and 38

The Girls reacted really badly too the Treatment..

Why? What happened? I was so eager to get the Ancient Forest, White Shark and Mollases that I overlooked my Base solution
RO Water..

I mixed everything (including the Hydroguard) in Tap Water.


Now, obviously the chlorine killed off all my beneficial bacteria, or did it?

The girls went through a long week of my ignorance until a voice in my head said, they aren't recovering on the 3rd and 4th day as Hesinberg states.

My roots (on the heavily infected girl, the big one) were starting to grow my white snot on the roots...DAM

I thought, why? and Yes..Chlorine killed off my beneficial bacteria and though some were alive, they were overwhelmed.

Week 5 Day 39

I decided to do what one of the former members did, I bought RO and did a White Shark Solution and treated the girls Up top and around the roots.

Also, I have been running a 24/0 on the Lights...

My girls were drooping either from over watering (nope) or lacking the nutrients needed to stand up. I also knew this was stressing them and when I'm stressed, I need to lie down and sometimes sleep.


I killed the lights for 6 hours. Turned the lights back on and they were Standing up again. New Root Growth ALL around especially the USE TOO BE LITTLE has MANY new root growing and shooting from around the net pot. The oldest is now recovering with more new root growth coming around slowly but not as fast as her younger sister cause she was infected badly.

I started brewing another batch of the next treatment would be Saturday. I treated them prior to lights out Day 41

Week 6 Day 42

WOW! The Tea (-Hydroguard cause I feel the White Shark Solution showed results) Did a Great Job overnight

I treated the girls at 6pm and turned out the lights at 11pm. I awoke and turned on the lights at 6 am. The girls were looking greatful for the new batch of tea. Now the last pics will show you after 7 more hours after I returned from the Ballpark, the girls are GROWING! and Looking the best they have in a while




The Color is coming back for both. I'm going to treat the girls another 2 days with the New Batch of Tea..Also, I'm going to do some LST cause I had to cut the other growth below on the girls they were too far gone. from the infection. It also, allowed them to focus their little energy on the top.

Notice the one on the RIGHT...that is the one who is the Shorty of the bunch and a day behind...The infection slowed down both of them but this one kept fighting harder through the infection.
They have A LOT of catching up to do because I am flipping them either the 1st week or 2nd week of Dec....

Since the Pics This Morning...they have


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Sorry I've been working a lot lately. Trying to get that Xmas money together for the Important Lady In my Life (asides from these girls)

I skipped week 7 Reports but I will Post Pics and Memory of those sad days...

Week 7 Day 49

The Girls are Now Equal in Size with the former shorty taking the Bigger Sister Role as you will see from this Point On..
The Girls were doing okay until I accidentally unplugged the water/air pump overnight for 8+ hours including not emptying my water from the AC causing it to shut off during these 8+ hours caused damage in more ways than 1



I had recently recovered from Root Rot and obviously, some of the Pathogens remained ie..they formed during this hot moment.
The Youngest Now the Strongest started forming Snot on the Roots and she never developed at this stage was like Overnight
So I treated them again with the Tea and WALLA! They wiped their noses!! (literally)

I also did some LST. This recovery however has put me behind...Yet Again...I wanted to Flip on Dec 1 at Week 8 but I'm going 1 more week with LST and another Topping...Maybe even an Experiment to get the most out of my being Behind...Hmmm

Week 8 Day 56

Things have been up and down... As I stated... I started work on the holidays... Leaving my 20-year-old son to do 2 SIMPLE Tasks
Empty the water from the AC and place Ice Packs in the Reservoir...
I prepped him a day in advance.
The day of, I left him a note in his favorite lounging chair (all day)
Then at lunch, I sent him a text. He replied Ok.
On my way home, I asked if he remembered to do what I asked. Yes..
I also FIMMED Both girls...Yeah, I know...I know...but I will deal with the unevenness, But I was 2 weeks behind and I am on a time constraint with moving at the same time I want more bud sites...

When I get home (it took 35 minutes) My son was in the room pulling one of the Buckets connected to the RDWC Upward
he said you have to do's too hard
How this Dumb ass got...dropping an icepack into the reservoir confused with breaking my RDWC? I have no idea...
Well, plants were stressing over the fact that the light on the AC was on and he hadn't emptied the water and he sat on his ass until the last minute to do what I asked and rushed and broke the seal on the inner threading of the connections to the RDWC. I later found water all over my carpet.

Well, I have the girls back on track. SMH! They are doing much better and are scheduled for one final topping before Flipping!







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Week 9 Day 63

They are just growing like someone PISSED Them off and they aren't going to Sit-down for This..lmao

Since week 8 my girls have grown like....WEED!

Now...I've only been continuing the TEA Treatment and I started my 3rd brew last night...

Since Week 8 I did Go Ahead and FIM!

Yes...I did..OH Nooooooo!

Well..Since I lost so much time with setbacks of Root Rot...I decided...Hey if it doesn't grow even colas Then I'm good with it cause I want the MOST out of this side-tracked Grow.