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    So I am trying another large run of plants. This time, I decided to do a hybrid method of growing. I have no idea if this will work, or if it will be a total disaster. Any thoughts on this would be great.

    I am growing in 11 L bato buckets, i drop a few inches of clay pebbles in the bottom then a mix of 2 parts Fox Farms ocean forest soil and 1 part perlite in, maybe an inch. I then seat a 6x6x6 rockwool block in the pot. I then fill in the existing space with the same mix ratio of fox soil and perlite. When its all said and done, I use about a 2 gallon bucket filled with this mix per pot.

    Things I have noticed:

    I was able to leave my plants under my nursery light way longer, I stated with 1.5/1.5/1.5 rockwool cubes, then when they rooted, stuck them in 6x6x6 cubes. I was able to pack the large cubes together under 1 400w light and was able to keep them there for a total of 6 weeks. This is a much better deal then having to fire up my 6 - 600 watt lights for an extra month. I have also noticed with the big rockwool cubes, i don't need to water as much, I cut my watering down quite a bit. I used to grow in straight coco, I would water 2x a day, now I water maybe 3 times a week.

    My hope here is the the soil will provide some extra flavor to my fruit. My last run was not good, but i did try some pretty obscure heirlooms, it didn't go very well.

    someone told me this is called Bioponics, I don't have another name for it.

    I will also be adding some Mycorrhizae Trichoderma to my pots here in a couple of day. I am told this will help the soil break down nutrients for the roots.

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    Neat set up man! Seems kind of expensive for tomatoes but way cool to see

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    are Tomatoes illegal in your state too?
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