best temp n humidity for drying / curing ???

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    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    you must 1st get the humidity down to about 65% before putting in the packs. then burping 1-2x a day until your gauge reads 55-60%. then seal up, put in dark corner for a couple weeks. then your good to go.
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    Frankenberry New Member

    Absolute best curing method: the three 7's...70' Fahrenheit , 70% RH for 7 days. Your taste buds will thank you :)

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    really? 70% is way ti high to try and cure meds. read some of the stickies on proper harvesting and curing methods. ive beed doing it this was for over 3 yrs and never have any problems. and my medicine always comes out perfectly.
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    Frankenberry New Member

    I do not doubt your ways, try it you may like it.

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    70% rh is when my flowers get put into jars from my drying racks.


    ill stick to the tried and true way to cure proper medicine. the stickies are not stickies just to take up bandwidth on here.
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    Staxxx Active Member

    Stickies aren't dogma, stop treating them as such. They provide a solid guideline, and that's about it. Every grower's environment is different. Many variables dictate how and for how long the final product should be dried/cured. Any "sticky" that prescribes rigid numbers fails to take these variables into account.

    Also, keep in mind, many personal/hobby growers don't have the luxury of temp/humidity controlled drying rooms etc. So, it is a good idea to leave plants whole (in drier environments) for a nice, slow and even dry.

    And please, don't give me the 'trimming dry is a PITA' spiel. It really isn't...

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    cool, you keep your snongy shit weed. ill take my properly cured anytime.

    next I bet your gonna find a better tek for bubble than Mat Rizes. lol
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    Staxxx Active Member

    Ahhhh yes, Matt Rize...

    You mean I can't call myself an extraction "artist" too?

    But I can mix a bucket of ice water and cannabis for x amount of minutes and get melty goodness!!!

    Hmmm... must be rocket science.
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    Captain Greenbeard

    Captain Greenbeard Member

    Hello guys! First of all I'd like to say that I am setting up my first grow room right now and have been investing quite a lot of money, time and effort into this. I have been doing research for about 2 years leading up to this so besides being a smoker for the past 14 years most of my knowledge concerning cultivation, drying, curing and storing is theoretical.

    There is however something that I'd like to clear up that seem to be forgotten very often when people talk about RH (Relative Humidity) and that is the fact that it's relative :wink: i.e. relative to the temperature. So 65% RH in a room that is kept at a temperature of 20°C (68°F) is not the same amount of moisture as 65% RH in a room that is kept at a temperature of 15°C (59°F). The warmer the air is the more moisture it can hold i.e. 100% RH will then be more actual moisture than 100% RH in a room with a lower temperature.

    The reason I want to point this out is because there's soooo many websites, blogs and forums out there that talk about what RH you should aim for during curing. Most of them are basically ball park estimates such as "55-65%RH" etc. And while everyone is talking about temperatures in relation to humidity when it comes to growing or drying - no one is talking about temperatures for curing!? Some people will give you ball park estimates about the temps when curing and the same goes for RH but I'd like to find the absolute best RH for curing and then I also need to know the temperature that goes along with that RH.

    The first place who have dared to give a precise number is Boveda who sell a product specifically intended for storing cannabis and they say it's 62% RH. However, when asked about the temperature they say that their product works fine within a wide range of temperatures.... Sigh.... So not even the experts that have products intended for storing cigars, cannabis and whatnot - knows what RH is!? How can this be? Is there something I've missed?

    Anyway, the reason I want to find out what the optimal temperature is for curing is because IF Boveda's number (62%) is correct and their product can hold this RH then it should mean that there's no need to burp the jars at all. The reason anyone burps their jars (as you all probably know) is due to the fact that there's excessive moisture left in the stems and even some in the core of the buds and as the buds are sealed up in air tight containers this moisture works its way out through the buds, making them wet again. So you open the jars to let this excess moisture escape and then seal it up again. But, from many experts I've been in contact with they say that the curing is mainly a process where anaerobic bacteria feeds off of left-over chlorophyll, sugars and starch and as these bacteria are anaerobic it means they need to do their thing in an air free environment (anaerobic means living without air). So in this regard the burping is actually counter productive to what you're trying to achieve, it is however a necessary evil due to the fact that if you didn't burp the jars mold would form on the buds and you lose your harvest. But if Boveda's product could take care of the excess moisture for us it would mean that we don't have to burp the jars and the anaerobic bacteria can do its thing until the curing process is finished. All we need to do is sit back and await the finished product.

    But for this to be possible we need to also know the exact temperature that goes along with that 62% that Boveda claims and... Well, they seemed quite stumped when I wrote to them. They have now handed over my questions to their chemists that will get back to me after the holidays.

    Anyways, any thoughts on this?
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    I boil my roots :) Have for years

    silly kids trics are for stoners
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    MrBangBang New Member

    I think that there is something that everyone is missing. This is an old school trick. Most old school growers grew in environments where it was hot year round because they grew outdoors. Now we all agree that drying our buds too quickly makes for a harsh smoke. So in these hot year round environments it would be to their benefit to boil the roots which would in turn make the leaves slam their cells closed, in turn making sure the bud doesn't dry out too quickly. I haven't used this method, but to me this makes the most sense and I would if I were growing in say Arizona, but being that I am in NYC and the indoor temps are around 70 degrees I can better control my drying process.
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    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member

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    hotshotisdashit Well-Known Member

    With this method does your cannabis buds retain that dank smell to them?
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    420KushPharm Active Member

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    Smokenpassout Well-Known Member

    78-79 and fifty to fifty five percent humidity.
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    Know One

    Know One Well-Known Member

    The Boveda 62% rh works like a charm for full cure. With this method it is best NOT to burp container, instead, let the packets work for a week in the container closed.
    Put the product in the jar/container with packet and it will cure to a perfect 62%.
    I still like to cure old school just to enjoy the process. 56% to 65% is the optimum goal for me.
    Once drying shows 55%rh or less there is no curing that product. it's too dry.

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    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member

    Do you have a source for that info, or just personal opinion?

    I would NEVER leave humid buds in a jar and not burp them for a week! Yes, the bovedas work great, but they work slowly, and have a limit to how much moisture they can give out and absorb.

    I feel it's best to get your buds near where you want them, then, once the risk of mold has passed, then leave them in the jar with the bovedas.

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    I like 70 to 72 degrees for 6 days. Then i trim then most of the time its gone right away. If i have to hold onto ot i will put it in big zip lock bags i double bag. Shit i only have to hold on to it for like 4 days tops lol. 72 degrees with a fan blowing gently. I leave all the leaves on and slow dry.
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    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    Just hang and dry. If your shits fire it sill be fire. If its boo boo you can try all the curring tech. In the world its still boo boo
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    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    I dry mine in the same condition i would flower in just a little lower temp
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