Best Denver area dispensary?

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by DukeOG, Mar 17, 2017.


    DukeOG Well-Known Member

    Traveling down to the Denver area next week. Havent shopped med or rec in a while but since im in between harvests I figure id check some places out.

    Anyone seen fire anywhere in the area?

    I generally hit up Kind Love, but wondering if anywhere is pulling down better flower?
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    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    I usually go to kind love or ooccasionally the clinic, although they've really been.hit.or miss the last 4-5 years. My friend who lives in Denver was going on and on about lucy sky. You ever been there?

    These forums are deaaddd lol.
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    DukeOG Well-Known Member

    Yeah i ended up buying at kind love, im into the pax era pen, so I stop by the clinic to pick up the cartridges. The nug in the jars in the clinic has been absolutely crap for years now tho. I used to go back and forth between them when I got my card 6 years ago, but man does the clinic suck now.
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    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    Ive seen them advertising those pax pens all over. What do you like about it?
    I was at the clinic yesterday for seeds and was very surpised by there quality. I ended up buying close to an ounce. most everything I looked at was on point. And usually there stuff is usually pretty crappy anymore.
    It sucks being in between harvest :/

    typoerror Well-Known Member

    natural remedies

    pergamum362 Well-Known Member

    There is still good flowers in the shops around CO? I figured most of it would be some kinda super heavy yielding stuff like the old critical crosses etc. What is the best of the best costing in the shops these days?
    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Well-Known Member

    Verde Natural for good dispensary weed

    420XX Member

    I get from Buddy Boys, they've got good weed and prices - at least on the med side, I'm unaware of their rec stuff. Their Bubba Fett is my favorite strain, really hard-hitter. Although House of Dankness is really great too, they have like daily specials and one is 15 dollar 1/8ths (think limit of 2) but I haven't shopped there in a long time, possibly 7 months - so maybe prices and specials have changed? But really good looking bud, and its prepackaged (I dislike prepacks tbh) but it's cool because it's packed in a tin and nitrogen sealed or whatever, you've gotta open it like you'd open a tube of tennis balls, or canned cat food, and you feel the air whizz out too and the buds always look purdy :leaf: I've heard good about Verde Natural too, though I haven't been there yet - and Native Roots has really good bud too; specifically the Orange Herijuana, Griz, and Alien Super Lemon Haze. Good luck.

    And I enjoy KL's bud, but find they charge a bunch (240 oz as a member) I get mine for 90 from Buddy Boys (member price). But KL is of slightly nicer quality I'd say, just not enough for me to pay that much for.

    Just saw how long this has been dead for, ooh well... :joint:

    DankDude789 New Member

    Hey 420,
    I just signed up after looking up some posts for Bubba Fett....also a new faborite for me...can I ask u about Fett?

    As I recently discovered it couple months ago, I was wondering ...

    --who all else has it, besides where I found/been getting it (Lightshade disp's).?
    --I saw above that Buddy Boys is where u get it..anywhere else?
    -- I dig/also been to House of Dankness and also not in a while and also like their vacuum=pacjed dank sticky buds!!

    So, any other strains you found, similar to Bubba Fett's strong hits and indica effect....?? I like HoD's own Rare Dankness....

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    DankDude789 New Member

    ps. Who is KL?

    420XX Member

    I'm pretty sure there's only 3 companies that sell it; aside from lightshade and buddyboys, potco is the third place. They're all owned by the same people (according to my gf who works at buddyboys), although I think potco is med only, and the smallest you can purchase is an ounce at a time... To be honest, I have bubba fett on the top of my list for hard hitters in CO :bigjoint: but I would suggest trying kosher kush if you haven't. Aside from them I like other, more sativa like highs - like golden goat, crackdawg, durban poison.

    And KL is Kind Love, I just got lazy lol well I hope I helped out some, :peace:

    DankDude789 New Member

    Thanks 420...and yes bubba fett is a top 3 for heavy hitters. Mother's milk awesome heavy indica....

    420XX Member

    Oh yeah, mothers milk is really good... I love it's taste, kinda hard to describe well, but reminds me of a kind of coffee-like flavor almost. I've tried buddy boys and native roots' mothers milk, both great tasting and strong smoke

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