BC almost got it right.....

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    What do you mean when you say no direct sales? Isn't a dispensary a place where that occurs? I'm taking that announcement to mean that dispensaries will be allowed to operate in BC. But it could mean pharmacies too.

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    It reads that LP > Provincial Liquor Distribution Branch > Store Front > Consumer which is fine I think. I would never have expected Person Grow/ACMPR > Store Front > Consumer. Might as well jump in since I'm clean as a whistle if they require any vetting.
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    Direct from grower. Grower will need to sell to a distribution branch of gov, they will sell to retail stores.

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    The gov distribution branch model not only adds costs to consumers but also affects the quality of the product. If it takes weeks or months to get bud from grower to consumer, it can't compete with fresh - the educated cannabis user is going to stick with the local bm guy.
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    how big is this (these i guess) warehouses the LDB has to house all this pot? if they're the sole distributer.
    gonna be some good old (old) 'cured' LP swag the first while eh bongsmilie

    yeah good luck.. if everyone did the good boy thing and followed this; there's no way they could support/supply it all.
    ..i guess they're counting on most to remain underground and status quo while they set up this little monopoly.

    love it.." thanks for unlawfully keeping this plant and it's many strains around all through prohibition.. we'll take it from here" (not that i expected any less)
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    This is going to end up a cluster fuck like our Maple syrup distribution.
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    lol you said it CC
    I know a lot of natives. :) You should see how the maple syrup deal went with them :lol:

    "You want us to give you our hard earned money and let you put a price on it? and not let us sell out own product for what we want? "
    PPPHHHTTT you! :lol:

    which is the way the others will go soon..in court of course.:roll:
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    Sounds like the distribution branch will have a lot of power. Also, sounds like it will be easy to have your product stuck at the branch, or waiting to be sold to the branch.

    What are they going to do with all the bud that ends up in the retail store that doesn't get sold? Its not like it will be good forever. What do you do with the product that the distribution branch buys and the retail does not purchase?
    Returns and make oil I guess. Also, lots of discounted bud, going for cost of production.

    With no limits on production there are going to be thousands and thousands of backlogged pounds that are not accepted.

    I forsee this becoming a nightmare for producers.

    The Government has cut itself in on the guaranteed income. A very high percentage of the guaranteed income.

    Next, they will force dispensaries to have a chain of custody record for their supplies. Then dispensaries will only be able to sell for licensed producers. Your video surveilance will be big brother looking over your tills and stock to make sure you comply.

    Looks a lot more like a Government takeover than Legalization to me.
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    concentrated poison doesn't go over any better eh.. :spew:
    No one has mentioned EVEN ONCE about Take it back nahhhhh or returns of product...
    Any LP store will not let you smell your herb or see it..so when ya open it and smell..can you take it back?
    I don't like this...can I have another..and another and another...ok I don't like any of them..
    cant sell opened product... THEYRE SCREWED as far as I se it lol They don't have a friggin clue how to deal with this situation lol It'll be fun to see how it gets dealt with too cause it'll show one way or another
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    Bwaahhaaha!! its going to be a flemmo schwag surprise inside every package. This one makes me break out in a rash, oooh this one makes my throat hurt, oh this one makes my stomach turn and my asshole burn.
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    I've been saying that since day ! How about returns and stales? Folks won't be allowed to return product. That'll make em ( the customer ) smarter on their next raping down there.
    And I'm gonna laugh and laugh and laugh.
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    this is where micro producers come in. Microwave everyone’s bud.
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    I got that same shirt! lol!
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    The Hippy

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    I wondered where it when.
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    It really does not make sense at all, for the booze control boards and their respective unions, to step in and take over cannabis.
    It should have produced a completely separate cannabis control board and its own respective unions, and all of the associated assignments and new jobs,that a brand new cannabis industry could have created.
    Then it would have actually stimulated the economy.
    The way most provinces are handling it, it will just make most of those (sunshine list) civil servants types and board managers wealthier along with the "WEEDSEL'S" and the inside job people...
    If anything those groups ...should have been excluded ,due to the fact they already have other responsibilities they are supposed to be managing.
    BC did a better job at it than most but that was a given anyways
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    I believe you guys have made "WEEDSEL'S" one of cultures newly adopted names...rofl
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