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    Strain: Barneys Farm LSD 5 plants from seed, a few different pheno's
    20180113_212102 (2).jpg
    Growth: Grown in coco, vertical with 2 - 315W CMH bare bulb.
    Nutes: Full line Canna Coco
    Yield: 17.5 zips, Indica strain, two filled the screens about 3/4 and three filled them about 1/2.
    20180128_105306 (2).jpg
    Bag Appeal: Don't sell so not important. Couple of bud pics.
    20180131_125800 (2).jpg 20180128_112150.jpg
    Smell: A few of the pheno's have a hashy fragrance, and the others spicy sweet.
    Taste: The pheno's with the hashy fragrance have a hash taste, lung expanding. The others as soft on the draw with sweet tones, larger hits do not expand near what the hash flavored do.
    The High: 8 out of 10, one of the best I have grown. Do not need large hit's, from the first hit with coffee to the last hit of the evening each give a buzz with it.
    Comments: I have the clones of a few of these in the tent now flowering and one clone that was revegged from 33 days of flower. That one will be monster cropped and put into the flower tent in about two plus months, doing min of 8 weeks veg.
    I will grow this one again!


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    Nice! Great job man...

    I have grown a whole hell of a lot of bud in 16 years and once I grabbed my first pack of LSD I was hooked. There was one pheno particularly, that I would give a nut for to have back... It was one of the highest yielding, most euphoric, best smelling and most stable plants I had ever grown to date. Done just as good outside as it did inside, with excellent mold resistance.

    I lost the mother plant I believe it was 4 or 5 years ago (one of the two) and since I have grown out 4 packs of LSD and have not found that matching pheno till this day. I purchased 2 new packs on Black Friday I have put back in my vault... I am going to search for her again soon.

    Brings back good memories, damn.

    You cannot go wrong with LSD, no matter which pheno you end up with...
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