Barney Farms LSD


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Name: LSD

Type: Indica Dominant

Looks: Dark green, dense nuggets covered in resin. Nice red hairs with hues or orange and purple throughout the bud.

Smell: First thought to cross my mind is "whew sour" that is then followed by scents of lemon and kerosene. I am also getting a hint or grape...

Taste: Fruity, Sour, Lemon, Grape

Buzz Type: This stuff is the most ridiculous bud I have ever smoked in my life. First hit I can feel it right behind my eyes. Its called LSD for a reason! Very relaxing yet take you through time type of high. I will just put it this way, when I am drunk and I smoke I never really get high. I came home the other night and was pretty drunk, I smoked a bowl of this stuff and was no longer drunk.....Just SUPER HIGH!

Buzz Length: Long. One bowl my high lasted right around 2 hours.



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I got LSD in 2nd week of veg. i still got a minute. i tried it before i grew it. i love the shit. there default pic of it at the tude should be updated to those pics


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Thanks guys! Under 1 400w hps I was able to pull in 2 oz of LSD. Keep in mind I had 4 other varieties of plants going. I will have a smoke report on World of Seeds Afghan X White Widow to follow!


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I only smoked this once but it was very good stuff. Smelled "Spicy". Was probably the most psychadellic stuff I had.


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Your report makes me want to smoke/grow LSD! Beautiful bud. Did you top, fim, super crop, lst, or utilize any of the advanced techniques? Also, does it flower in 8-9 weeks?


grew this myself, well worth the wait. Stuff reakkeedddd i went to a concert one night with about a half, i could smell my car from 3 lots over. whewwwwwww


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Finishing my LSD grow right now..harvesting wednesday. That would be 73 days flowering total.
I just pulled 2 x LSD last week. Yielded 10oz dry off the two, not bad. Great smoke, but not as good or as high yielding as the Kannabia Afrodite I just pulled as well.


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nice buds. ill be growing 10 my self under 1 1000w. im using air pots,full line of BMO w the ocasional,castings,manure n molasses..full organic..the 2oz was off 1 plant ?

hazey grapes

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i'll be having a report on LSD based autoflowering gnomo by springtime to see how that compares. i bought it before i tested LSD.