bad taste on big hit!

Discussion in 'The Glass House' started by Saitek, Aug 26, 2012.


    Saitek Well-Known Member

    vaze was close not open

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    Try an American piece. Got a pic?

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    i dont have anymore weed smoking all .. p:)
    bong? what the differends?

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    Sometimes they can use paint in them. Is it all clear?

    Saitek Well-Known Member

    yes it's clear and clean of course, the bong is black leaf its a good bong with good diffuser (20 usd) and precooler black leaf i dont know what's wrong, perhaps blame τhe bowl, perhaps need bigger perhaps who know's..

    Nizza Well-Known Member

    if i were you i would just clean everything. My brother soaks in simple green after using alchohol+salt. U need to flush the simple green, but it is not toxic. Use recommended dilution and everything. I liked my small bong because instead of taking big rips id take 3 small ones in one breath. way cleaner less stale smoke. Try smoking it faster, it may just be getting stale before it gets to your mouth. IMO a bong should be a a slide to a diffuser then straight to your head

    fattiemcnuggins Well-Known Member

    Clear your hit faster, stale smoke is probably what you are tasting.

    GrowinTheDank Active Member

    You ignored the posts that told you why the taste occurs...

    MachineOfGreen New Member

    One reason it could be is you are not opening your mouth wide enough when taking your hit sometimes; when you have too small of an opening on the inhale, it's possible to get resin on your teeth and / or tongue; if you're coughing up black / brown resin-like stuff after your hits, try opening your mouth as wide as possible around the inside of the rim of your piece and taking your hit that way...make sure not to stick your lips in too deep either, the key idea is to have as wide of a hole as possible to inhale smoke through.

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    any time smoke gets inhaled it will leave a resinous film over what ever it passes over.. blow a hit through a paper towel or a rag. you can see the film, now remember this when you hit your what ever the fuck it is.. longer tubes create stale smoke by the time it gets to you.. the faster and closer to your mouth the better the taste.. get a bowl and a joint and your what ever it is and try all three and see where the taste is better if it gets any better.. could just be the weed..

    OGKHUSH New Member

    I would like to bring this thread back to life and provide some answers as to why you are getting a bad hit on a big bowl of weed in a clean or unclean bong. I myself have run in to this issue many times as I smoke to medicate and sometimes the quality of the herb is not right. here is what I found out:

    1.) Each strain burns and carries smoke different. Some will allow the water in your bong to mix with resin in the stem and bowl causing a steamy hit that taste very bad and makes you wanna through up.
    2.)Even though a bong and bowl is clean you may still get the "bad hit" due to many reasons, some being that water is under the bowl or trapped old resin. When lighting a bon fire above your bowl you will boil the content below the bowls glass causing this bad hit issue.
    3.)The big hit only seems feasible on the first hit of clean and dry glass. after that you have to clean it good and dry it to get a nice big hit. This steamy hit that taste bad is not good for you and causes head ache backaches and other issues.

    For all you stoners about to give up on taking fat rips of your bong, dont give up hope. I will share some secrets to big bong loads that taste great hit after hit like you buddy does at his house.

    Tips: The biggest factor in the buildup of residue that mixes with moisture is the strain. Strains like og kush or high quality genetics will allow any smoker to go big bowl after big bowl as the resin doesn't mix well with water vapor. Your bong stem is a very important factor here. Using a str8 down stem vs a peculated one makes a huge difference in the resin build up and water coming up the stem of a dirty bong. Keep the water as low as possible on the stem to keep it from splashing up in the bowl. The bigger the bowl the better. Heat from giant bowl loads boil the resin and water under the bowl. having a larger bowl keeps things cooler especially when dirty. Have a good rig is half the battle besides some good genetics. The final thing I will touch on is curing. Curing can do wonders for lower quality strains or just in general. Jar curing for months may help reduce bad taste but the reality is bad taste comes from genetics and bong setup.

    Conclusion: Water and resin boil under bowls that contain lots of herb and high heat. After one hit the bong and bowl is coated in resin and moisture. Spraying out the bowl and stem every hit is a good solution but requires a lot of effort and you need paper towels twisted up to get the inside bowl dry so no steam occurs on your first hit. Weed high in resin and lower in thc may be the cause of bad bong residue build up as the thc helps the bud from turning brown and decaying. Terpenes play a big role in this resin profile and this info was sourced from ogkhush on the web.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    You kids are spoiled, we used to smoke through broken bottle necks.
    Goes down much nicer than a bong anyway.

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    thats funny, but its true. My day it was the local alum can invention....
    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    I started on cardboard toilet rolls with alum foil. Then I upgraded to the pipe you see come out the back of a toilet, UNUSED previously. its ignorant they have paraphenalia laws.

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