average amount of red hairs at harvest?

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    if you been baking for 50 years you'd think u'd have a bit of an idea on whats good and whats not!!!
    just like growing bud for 40 years in that amount of time & with that sort of experience even the worst grower out has to have a good clue as to what works and what dosent how many years you been growing ??? I bet in another 20 - 30 years you would have more knowledge than you do today? no matter how extencive your knowledge base is right now the experience will definetly make a difference no m,atter who you are keep up the bitch slaps yeah!!!
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    The hairs are receding to the flower on the main cola but not the whole plant. Took a sample dried it for a week and it was diggidy dank the hairs were about 90% red and its official when almost all the hairs are all red and receding to the flower its ready. You shouldn't have to poke all ur flowers with a scope and take all the trichs off to c if there ripe..

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    They should look something like this.


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    nice pictures. :wink:

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    It's the only non premature one i can find:lol: I lost all my pictures last year:cuss:

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    so tok3s, just wondering, when you harvested and your plant had this look, was it just the main cola that had the "glow" or did you wait for the entire plant to have the same look? b/c the way my plants are coming along, the main cola is maturing faster than the rest of the plant.....

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    That's not uncommon,some people chop the top and let the rest finish some dont,its all preference on that part,but as long as you let them get ripe before you chop them all its all good.

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    So, my top cola has started to foxtail, creating more pistils. Before this about 80-90% hairs were orange, but now it looks like the the top cola "rebooted" lol . What should I do?

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    ...whether it be hydro,

    maybe an organic grow

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    Wow, read through the whole thread. Here is my take on this whole debate. A mature and harvest ready plant is dependant on several factors and not just one. I have two indica plants and two hybrids. If I havest them now (70% Cloudy) than they are not at their full potential. A hybrid is going to have a good mixture of THC and CBN and for that mixture to be apparent in the high it has to be mature. Pistols, Trichomes, leaves, the whole picture is how to judge when its ready, not just one thing. At least that is how im going to havest and my opinion on the whole thing.
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    A sativa is a sativa and an indica is an indica and a hybrid is a hybrid but you can slightly fine tune the high each one gets according to when you harvest, and harvesting them late will not increase the level of THC.

    It will decrease levels of THC through oxidation, something that can be visibly seen occurring as resin-heads turn cloudy and amber. When that begins THC ages and breaks down, this process is known as oxidization. High levels of CBN tend to make the user feel messed up rather than high. Most people confuse increased levels of CBN for higher levels of CBD.

    As I have said for years, if someone wants a body stone, a couch-lock effect, pick genetics that are high in THC and high in CBD but low in CBN and then do not harvest them to late, as in when amber when you have lost THC to oxidation.

    A sativa, a true sativa and not the various crosses most people consider to be sativas today, run ahead of the standard charts for maturity. A sativa with mostly clear trichome-heads with an every so slight beginning of cloudy has hit its maximum levels of THC and is already beginning to lost THC through oxidation. I say clear but some true sativas will not have totally clear trichomes at any point, they will begin as slightly yellow.

    Gland color will vary with ripeness of the individual THC glands, starting at clear, turning to milky, then turning to an amber color. There may be some exceptions, such as some of the Blue strains and Blackberry. These will have darker, sometimes purple gland heads. But by far and large, these three steps of ripeness will exist with the vast majority of strains on the market.

    The first stage, clear, will tend to make for a more cerebral, up high, with very little body effect. Harvesting at this stage when little if any trichomes are milky yet, can be tricky. Harvesting too early can make for a beautiful plant that will not have much psychoactive capability! THC needs to "mature" to be able to pass its psychoactive capabilities down to the smoker. This is why I always recommend waiting until 50% of the trichomes hit the second stage: milky or creamy. At this point, you will definitely have a plant which has reached its genetic potential.

    The milky trichomes have some "cerebral" qualities, as well as some of the more "physical" characteristics of the high. The last stage, amber, brings on a more sedative, physical stone. If this is what you're looking for, than I would recommend a sativa/indica cross, or an indica dominant plant. Amber trichomes seem to ruin a sativa high if the plant goes too long.

    Many times you'll read from new growers, "My hairs are 50% changed to brown or red, looks like its ready to come down." Calyx hairs turning color is one thing, calyx hairs withering, is another. When they have withered, they are for the most part, as ripe as they will get. But just turning red/brown does not necessarily mean the plant is ready. Calyx hairs are just an indicator that the plant is ripening, not necessarily ripe yet. I have taken full Indica strains with 60% hairs turned, and sativas when 90% hairs have turned, and they were all at peak ripeness. The trichome color is the only true indicator!

    When using a magnifying glass or loupe to determine ripeness, you’re examining the resin glands on the buds for signs of maturity and/or decay. During flowering, these glands start out small and increase in size as they fill with resin. As they near maturity, the head of the gland will begin to expand and it will start to look like a tiny mushroom.

    This is the first sign that they’re nearing the point of diminishing returns. This is the point at which production of fresh THC laden resin has slowed and is equal to the rate of decay of THC into CBN.

    The decay of THC is accompanied by a change in the color of the resin from clear to amber. This is the other sign of ripeness that can only be determined by magnification. What you’re looking for is the point at which the production of fresh resin is still just barely outpacing the decay.

    You said; "A Sativa is a Sativa, an Indica is an Indica, and a hybrid is a hybrid. Harvesting them pre-mature isn't going to change these facts." Well that is not totally true, people do it every day in reverse by following advice like you give, let it mature more so harvest late .... and the result or doing so alter their product. It works the same either way but you wrongly call harvesting at the prime time harvesting early.

    Allowing a plant to flower longer is not the only way to assure higher levels of psychoactive THC. Regardless of trichome color a fair amount of THC is not in a psychoactive form at harvest. That is why curing is done, to allow all the THC to become fully psychoactive.

    You do not have to flower plants to long and lose THC through oxidation to achieve fully psychoactive THC. Even then not all THC would be psychoactive, a cure would still be needed to make the most of the then lesser amount of THC plants would have if flowered to long.

    For all those who were unlucky enough to come along after the age of real pot, the true sativa age, and were fooled into thinking that indicas/predominantly indicas are great, well then if that is what you like purchase genetics with high levels of THC and CBD and low levels of CBN and do not flower to long and give up THC for CBN thinking that you are getting higher levels of both THC and CBD.

    It just doesn't work that way.

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    Do you remember just how many weeks into flowering this plant was in the pic. And in your experience, when a certain strain is listed to finish in 8wks at the seed shop. Have you had any get really finished in 8wks or is it really closer to 10wks to get it to really finish?

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    believe it or not trhere are very good strains which finish in just 6 weeks.i myself bred dutch passion passion 1 x white widow and i got a 6 wk finish(from passion1 18%thc) and the white widow finished in about 8-9 wks.the taste is outstanding,lemony in fall harvest and spicey and gourgious buds in the spring harvest,i start my plants in the house for 60 days in veg at 20 hour per day light,when i place them outside they instantly go to bud.i have no idea why anyone would use ruderalis when my method works so easily to autoflower any damn time i choose!but ya their are alot of strains that really are 8 weeks or less
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    Unless the new growers guide has new infomation contrary to this, I have to go with Ed Rosenthall, Mel Frank and the old guy on this one. The fact that they have THC degradation time tables from labs would suggest to me that they have actual research to support their conclusions.

    Does anyone have real, actual research on this. IE you took samples and performed chromotography from the same plant and bud at both points in time? Or are we just making stuff up?

    BTW I have been waiting to hear this new theory defended so I'm interested in the outcome.

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    i just pulled a bud 6 weeks 4 days in dried it and it was insanley head and body high the degrading of thc i dont know but i read a hightimes book a while ago and it reffered to the tricome mushroom heads exploding resulting in lower thc??........that being a lady done a docco in amsterdam was injected with both pure thc and pure cannaboids or something like that and the results if my memroy can recall was the thc made her very depressed and not happy and the cannaboids gave a very strong happy high dunno if this helps ....

    k0ijn Scientia Cannabis

    I wouldn't go that far.
    Some people prefer a more head-high.
    Which is what you would get at 70% cloudy.
    I don't think the THC will be too low if there are 70% cloudy trichs, however I do not know the strain.

    I know people who have harvested 30% cloudy, ended up with about 50-60% cloudy and that was some really good bud the smoked well and the high lasted quite a while.
    If they had waited for more amber trichs and perhaps 100% cloudy I'm not sure I would've liked the smoke.

    Again though, it's a judgement call and personal preference call :)

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