Autopot vs. Drip irrigation in coco

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    So this is day 20 from breaking soil. She germed in less than 1 day via warm water glass. Took 1 day to break soil. I turned on the autovalve and filled the rez with 5 gallons of cold water with 1 ml cal mag, 6 ml GH micro and 9 ml GH bloom per gallon for lucas formula ratio. She currently has 5th node growing in and so after 6 she will be topped to above the 3rd. 2 42 watt cool white cfls still for her veg. After i top her and she grows 3 nodes on each side i will pluck 2nd nodes out leaving 1 and 3 for a total of 8 via Grow weed easys version of mainlining. After she has this i will add a 3rd 42 cfl untill flowering. I also have a White Widow auto freebie that is 5 days behind, so nowhere as big as her yet. She is Hso 707 Headband freebie before using my real seeds. Ill post pics when initial 5 gal is down to 1 and refill to see how she does in the auto pot.

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    So how did this turn out?

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    Autopots feed from the bottom and you get salt build up doing that. I found I have to put them in the bath and flush them a lot. Top feed rtw is way better as it washes the excess salts away. So I would defo go for dtw

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    I invested in a 100 autopot system. 1/5 of my plants died due to root rot, overwatering. Autopots are a waste of money unless you want to kill your plants. Use anything else. STAY AWAY FROM AUTOPOTS.

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    You need to add loads of hydroton at the bottom for them to work. But agree they aren't great

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