Anyone know about Kojima?

Discussion in 'Game It Up' started by AKA Big Boss, May 12, 2018.

    AKA Big Boss

    AKA Big Boss Well-Known Member

    After the spectacular shit show of Metal Gear Survive I'm wondering what's going to happen to the franchise and to Kojima. The last I heard Konami fired him then released that garbage but I haven't been able to find any recent Kojima news.

    Will the real Big Boss return to Konami and continue Metal Gear or will it go the way of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, where the maker ends up despising their work to the point they continually try to kill their idea (or charachter) only to have it brought back by fans?

    SB85 Well-Known Member

    Kojima is working on a new game called Death Stranding for PS4. My guess is that MGS is dead or Konami may find some new talent to create more games in the series.

    AKA Big Boss

    AKA Big Boss Well-Known Member


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