Any idea what the issue is?

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    Or this ...home depot $25 dollars ..
    They carry Black Magic ( some growers like it )
    Kellogg's is pretty good too .

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    So I would recommend doing a bunch of research rather than trusting a single source. The guy that founded ILGM (who has his name right on the site) is a chemist with no background in horticulture. His youtube channel is full of short videos that are either strain reviews, quick overview of how medical cannabis can alleviate certain medical issues, or "grow journals" which are just picture compilations of some plants growing. He uploads incredibly often, suggesting he doesn't put time into the videos. There is almost nothing on his channel about growing weed. To me this guy seems like your typical asshole trying to cash in on the cannabis industry while having no experience in the matter. No wonder this guy says to use miraclegro, he has no idea what real horticulture is.

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    No one mentioned simply dropping the beans into a 90-100% RH clear plastic domed container in rapid rooters? I had great success getting my self up and started with this method. The rapid rooters were soaked in thrive alive, then I let the water drip out until rooters were at field capacity. Simply dropped the beans in and let go for a few days.

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    Live and Learn right Organic? If these beans are not to my satisfaction ill be sure to do my homework a bit harder to find a better bean source until then just wish me luck lol.

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    Can you elaborate about what you mean by cooking the soil? I am on my first grow, in a setting where I don’t have an easy way to dispose of my soil. I’m using FFOF. I would love to be able to reuse soil in the next coming grows if possible. I’m looking for any shove in some direction with some help at that. Cheers!
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    You get organic amendments. Either a pre mixed box or buy them individually. Take alfalfa meal. I buy the pellets that are for horses. Get a brand not bound with animal fat. 5O pounds for $15. I wet a few big handfuls and it expands back out into a loose meal. Mix that in the soil. Kelp meal. Neem meal. Feather meal. Bone meal. Rock dusts. Etc.

    You could just go with a bag of Espoma garden tone. Mix in according to the bag and leave it till next grow.

    Either way keep it slightly moist and turn about once a week. Just keep it in a tote and dump your old root balls and soil in a tote. Break the root balls up and mix some fresh soil and amendments in.

    Easy way to grow.

    This is long but good.

    With organic dry amendments you buy a few bags and you are good to go for a long time. Just put all the bags in another tote.
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    Oh. Cook. That just means let the soil sit after mixing and amendments break down a bit so the soil won't be so hot.

    The plants will need nothing but water and you don't have to buy new so except a bag every so often.

    Lot of waste with bottle nutes. The main one is dumping those nutes down then drain. Its actually a big problem for municipal water suppliers to handle.
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    Well its been 5 days since transplant from solo's to cloth pots pictures are left to right from originals they seem to be doing a lot better the one on the right seems to be a little slower on the recovery due to it sprouting first. So what do you think of each one, seems one of them is struggling a little ?

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