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    My opinion on the wind towers , just more jobs to stimulate economy , geothermal should replace everything and money should be in the people's hands , not a private group of individuals.

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    MI seems like a good place for great ideas to die. Detroit, Flint, MMJ, labor unions. Snyder saying something isn't on his agenda, like he did about MMJ, unions, firing staff, etc. is pretty much code for "I have the right not to incriminate myself." I agree with the post about Leyton, election year he was saying thing like...

    "If a police agency brings me a case where there's evidence that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is being violated, we will review it to see what action to take, if any. ... It's up to those communities. They're the ones that have to find it. I will review cases brought to me on a case by case basis," Leyton said. "I don't think we will see (too many cases). ... Police agencies are pretty busy."

    Now that he's safely in office he says this kind of thing...

    “It just confirms what many prosecutors already knew,” said Leyton. “I always thought it was quite clear.” about dispensaries being public nuisances.

    Genessee is not as safe a county as one would think given Flint's one ounce possession ballot initiative that passed. I personally think the new dispensary model ought to be the safe meeting place model. Caregivers and patients pay a small fee (like a membership) to have a safe place to exchange. Patients without caregivers can have access to a caregiver with room for them, and vice versa. All nice and legit. Like the police station for dropping off and picking up kids when the parents have split custody but also have restraining orders against each other. Just a neutral, well lit, secure facility.

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    Like a police station lol. Those words scare me the dispensary operate perfectly right now. Some patients dont have caregivers or even know where to find one. But guess what? They saw the store on the road supplied by all the caregivers in the area. You dont see care givers posting adds in magazines or informing the patients; as it would be too hard for a 1 man show to do so. The way dispensary work now is the way they should be allowed to operate legally, everyone wins the patients the caregivers and the community it supplies people like myself:-P with jobs soo i can not only help people but feed my wife and child.
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    That's the problem... we were promised jobs and revenue from this project- But guess what? All the jobs went to people they shipped in from down State-- and they have generated NO revenue at all- in fact, because they didn't meet their "close date" to get their government subsidy, they are now claiming poverty and reneging on the agreements they made (behind closed doors) with the Mason County Commissioners... there is talk of a big lawsuit in the works from the County against Consumers Energy, and a class-action lawsuit from the people of this township against both the County and Consumers for ignoring the Manufacturers recomended safety set-back limits and putting the Towers too close to the properties and homes of people who did NOT sign-on with the project. There are already people suffering the side effects from the flicker, vibrations and low-frequency "thrum"....

    YES- we need wind energy-- but isn't it funny- the same RICH FOLKS who own the big Condo's in Mason County on the Lakeshore protested and threatened the county when this project was proposed to be a mile off-shore in the Lake.... but they were all for it as soon as they offered to put it out where the Farms & orchards are- where THEY won't see them!?
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    I realize it's sort of a muddled comparison, but the reason I suggest that the safe meeting place model could be the future of dispensaries is because the one in GR that was recently closed, I think has a better chance of being deemed as operating within the law, because it operated on the basis of allowing caregivers a place to meet patients, and sign on new patients in a central location so that these transactions don't have to return to the back alley. The patients get to meet a caregiver with room for them and the caregivers have access to people who need a supplier of medicine. It didn't promote patient to patient transfers, but tried to operate within the admittedly restrictive confines of the law. I personally like the way dispensaries are currently run (some of them) and would love to see overages go to a central location where they are freely dispensed to anyone with a need, but I also realize that those days are probably long gone.

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    Everything I read days wind is the least efficient option. Geothermal is great but very pricey initial startup.
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    Nothing like gasoline when you want to make some power.

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    I just want to comment I was way to baked when i made those comments and that I have since quit smoking since it makes me babble things that arent even true, including write blog posts. Anyway I was reading in one of the Billy Meier contact reports that the government hasnt been succesfully cloning people and in fact the only ones that did work had to be hooked up to machines and had developed tumors and something else it is in the contact reports. I think like 4 years was what it said that they had managed to live. Either way just wanted to comment how absurd what i had wrote was and that was just babbeling non sense. either way dont let the system bring you down cause we will survive no matter what and keep on keeping on. Geothermal can replace everything tho. Salome! Peace in wisdom! and my bad for being such a babbeling idiot, i have since quit smoking !

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    Can I ask you what strain that was, and where I might be able to get my hands on some?
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    LoL....hahaha...good post.

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    Damn ya... Hook a brotha up!

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    You can't blame Obama for not being able to micromanage each state's AG's. He asked them to not go after medical mj, but that doesn't mean they listen to him. Especially if they are republican...every republican's job since he was president was to block anything he asks for..and then blame him when things go bad. Unfortunately too many americans aren't dialed in to day to day politics, and don't realize this
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    Yes I can.
    With one call to Holder this could all end.
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    "What's obvious to one is perhaps not obvious to another.", or at least that's what too many politicians are banking on: Ignorance + Trust ...

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    I almost fell off of my chair ...I was laughing so hard
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    I guess Carl Levin needs to go. As Carl Levin said, “you make the law and I’ll make the policy and I’ll win every time”.

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    Wind energy is a money grab. Not practical, being decommissioned in Europe. Plus they're fucking ugly

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    I never liked Carl Levin

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