Anime your top ten favorites


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Thanks for that and hopefully you are having a great start to the day but no offense I don't click on links I guess I'll have to do the millennial thing and Google it right
You're welcome. It's an anime streaming site. I would recommend ublock web browser extension to stop unwanted ads.

I believe the show is on Funimation if you fancy paying money.


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Stuff I’ve watched recently:
(since the CrunchyFun merger)

Winter: World’s Greatest Assassin, Ranking of Kings (1st-place tie) *****

Spring (in progress):
Kaguya-Sama S3*****
Shikimori Isn’t Just a Cutie
Couple of Cuckoos
Spy x Family****
Science Fell in Love S2
Skeleton Knight****
Greatest Demon Lord is a Nobody
Trapped in a Dating Sim
Aharen-San wa Hakarenai
Dawn of the Witch (Grimoire of Zero)

While waiting for weekly episodes to drop:
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent
Seven Knights’ Revolution
Log Horizon *****
Astarotte’s Toy
Bobuken (We Never Learn) ****
The Duke of Death and His Maid
Yu-no: Girl Who Chants Love
Anti-Magic Academy
Super Hxeros
Rising of the Shield Hero ****
Fate: Stay Night
Fate: Babylonia
Fate: Solomon’s Temple
Fate: Lord El-Melloi (II)
Fate: Lost Room
Fate: Apocrypha
Absolute Duo
My Dress-up Darling *****
Kaguya-Sama S2 *****
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Department ****

Fate as a whole: *****
spring season is a blast if you enjoy romcoms & comedies. Not much shonen action, but I don’t care

Shows dropped after 1-3 eps: a list AS LONG as this one….
Shows not given stars have 3 stars
Shows with fewer stars do not appear in these lists

Great to hear from y’all!