An Idiot's Guide to DWC

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Japanfreak, Dec 26, 2010.


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    Dbkick is a tard!

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    Great post, made a lot of different things clear. Any advice on DIY DWC 6 bucket guide? Looked at tons, my head hurts... more or less would just appreciate an experienced opinion.

    Thank you again for the info:weed:
    Edit: forgot to add that it was a multi bucket system

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    P2010006.JPG Thanks Japan for the great info. I did the bubbleponics/top feed set up on my first hydro grow. 11 gallon rez with pump set to feed for 15 mins every hour and 2 air stones in the bottom of the rez. It did produce good results with strain I was growing (Black Jack) but man what a pain to change and clean the tank weekly. Now I'm using a 5 gal bubble bucket on the same strain and its way easier to just swap out 5 gal buckets with fresh nutrients. Have backup buckets and air stones that I rotate out weekly. Do any of you drill a few holes along the top sides of the bucket for venting the root zone?

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    Just stopping in my friend too see whats good.
    Hope life is well

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    Thanks for posting Japan, nice illustrations too. Big up.

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    I don't know about the pH part. Once things start going bad your gonna WISH you had a pH meter.
    I think.
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    Some good info in here man, helped me out a bit +rep
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    Hehe, i like people that say +rep for the hell of it without actually repping anyone :lol:
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    Haha, indeed, just jessin around :D You can't rep banned users.

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    Hi can somebody please give me some clarification on res management only i am really beggining to feel like an idiot.
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    You know this thread has been dead for 8 years , right?:wall::hug:
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    This thread was calling my name too LOL

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    @Japanfreak I made a 5 plant seedling rez and net pots out of red solo cups. The roots were sticking out from the bottom of the seed starter so I put so expanded clay in the cup the held the seed starter in as I dropped more in. At first I had the water level right at the net cup. After a few hours the plants started drooping. I raised the water level so it is not touching the seed starter but it is about an inch above the bottom of the cup. The plants don't look wilted but droopy. Any advice?

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