An Idiot's Guide to DWC

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Japanfreak, Dec 26, 2010.


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    Dbkick is a tard!

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    Great post, made a lot of different things clear. Any advice on DIY DWC 6 bucket guide? Looked at tons, my head hurts... more or less would just appreciate an experienced opinion.

    Thank you again for the info:weed:
    Edit: forgot to add that it was a multi bucket system

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    P2010006.JPG Thanks Japan for the great info. I did the bubbleponics/top feed set up on my first hydro grow. 11 gallon rez with pump set to feed for 15 mins every hour and 2 air stones in the bottom of the rez. It did produce good results with strain I was growing (Black Jack) but man what a pain to change and clean the tank weekly. Now I'm using a 5 gal bubble bucket on the same strain and its way easier to just swap out 5 gal buckets with fresh nutrients. Have backup buckets and air stones that I rotate out weekly. Do any of you drill a few holes along the top sides of the bucket for venting the root zone?

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    Just stopping in my friend too see whats good.
    Hope life is well

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    Thanks for posting Japan, nice illustrations too. Big up.

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    I don't know about the pH part. Once things start going bad your gonna WISH you had a pH meter.
    I think.
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    Some good info in here man, helped me out a bit +rep
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    Hehe, i like people that say +rep for the hell of it without actually repping anyone :lol:
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    Haha, indeed, just jessin around :D You can't rep banned users.

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    Hi can somebody please give me some clarification on res management only i am really beggining to feel like an idiot.
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    You know this thread has been dead for 8 years , right?:wall::hug:
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    This thread was calling my name too LOL

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