All ball sports usually only requires 1 ball . Supercross takes 2

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    Not really bashing people sport here . Well maybe a little. 2018 is coming on like a freight train on rails loaded for bear and Supercross is its main cargo . This year Ryan Dungey will not be defending his 2017 title do to his retirement. Rumor has it, that Ken Roczen is do back from his injuries from the previous 2017 title chase. If he is healthy and 100% he will be a force to recon with . Eli Tomac aka ET3 will be one of the main front runners this year as he tries to capture his first indoor title after just falling short from the previous season. ET3 is one of the most aggressive riders the sport has ever had and would have made supercross king last year but had problems with starts and a few inconsistent rides held the Kawasaki rider from capturing the title . Meanwhile Marvin Musquin is still riding for Red Bull KTM and will be in the hunt for his first Supercross title and may be hard to beat he is one of the most consistent rider we have ever seen and his lack of aggressive riding has cost him several first place finishes. But after the outdoor season M&M 25 has learned if u Wana run up front u have to twist the throttle . Cooper Webb will be back on the Yamaha and ready for his first Supercross race win witch did not happen last year as the rookie had alot of mediocre ride turned in from the 2017 season . Supercross and Motocross is one of the world's hardest and most demanding sports in the world. These athletes are some of the best in shape men ever to breath air there is very few sports with these types of elite athletes . And on a hi note u won't find any of these men kneeling during our nation anthem. So if u have time tune into the up coming Supercross season it going to be a bar banging berm busting dirt moving all out war !

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