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    Try infusing coconut milk and replace the regular milk with it! So good, and soooo potent!

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    does cooking with cannabis reduce the potency by the time you eat it?
    Don Geno

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    Awesome !! keep em coming !! :hump:

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    What kind of coconut milk do you use? The can stuff? I use Silk (R) from refridgerated section. I don't think it is the same?

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    For all you cannabutter cooks out their. Check out the cannabutter mold & storage containers. Forms your butter into standard 4 oz sticks with tablespoon marks embossed right on the butter. No more guessed measurements and they make long term strage a breeze. www.cannawareproducts.com


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    So yesterday I made a tea. My shoulder has been hurting and I remember making a tea some 5 yrs ago that really hit me like a ton of bricks.

    All I did was grab whole milk (15g Fat) and .8 g of bud. I took and emptied a chai tea bag (left some tea for flavor ) added bud and reselaed it(tied it back up).

    So since I used a microwave I made sure there weren't any staples and put it in for 5 min (half cup of milk - I don't like drinking whole milk ). I covered it with a plate so the vapor wouldn't escape. Stirred it covered and let sit. Microwaved it again 5 min and repeat. Did it 4 times and let it simmer well. 1and 1/2 or more. I added a bit of water after and honey for taste. It didn't screw me up like last time (but my tolrence is way up)where I was holding on to the rug , thinking I was gonna fall up, but eased up the annoying pain. And I Slept well. .

    Funny thing though my wife had 3 sips ( so she says ) and I noticed she was acting funny. I asked her and she said " I drank your tea, and everything seems so focused - everything is here " She had her hands in front of her. She was so happy in a cerebral state. Now just 5 minutes ago she asked me to make her some more. Hahhaah, I guess it was good.


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    nice stuff, thanks for the share!

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    oh my! great recipes! i saved some. thanks. will try it :bigjoint:

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    Cool. I'll give it to my gf to cook.
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    Thnks for the recipe!

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    Nice to know!

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    Hehehe, i cant believe this sticky is still here. been so long since ive been on this site let alone post recipes. Those butter molds look great I always just used a measuring cup and poured 1/4 and 1/2 cup portions into a non stick muffin pan
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    Welcome back. :cool:
    Was wondering what became of you.

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    This is one of my favorite sticks.

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    From A to Z of fending off hunger, while having some fun at the same time. Can't go wrong there, thanks for sharing all these wonderful and amazing recipes. I am definitely going to have some interesting dinner experiences these next few weeks with all this Cannabis!

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    Your right on that one be careful to much is not always a good thing no taking it back. I make chocolate often but have been looking to do hard candy for that fact it won't melt in the heat do you have a good hard candy recipe?

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    I know this is not the spot to make an official announcement, but hopefully AKGrown will be the kind gentleman that he as shown himself to be and forgive me when I say "I'M AN ALASKAN NOW!!" Waahhoooooo!! Yep, California about took me under with the high cost of everything and the low wages. I flew into Anchorage a couple of weeks ago and am trying to find a place to live for me and the family. I love this place like no other. Yep, I brought my stash with me!! :) If you're from here, lets hook up sometime.
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    Congratulations on moving to our beautiful slice of heaven.
    I live in Alaska but not in Anchorage and I wish you well & would suggest checking out the link for Alaskan contacts.

    Do you have a job lined up?

    Again, welcome. :cool:

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