Afghan kush Ryder second grow. Shitty pheno

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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    So I popped the second bean of my 3 pack and it has turned out to be something of a fail. About half the plant ,the lower half , looks great..nice frosty dank solid looking buds, but the top of the plant was all scraggly, stemmy, ditch weed looking nonsense. I actually chopped the entire top of the two worst colas as they were just an eyesore, weren't even maturing and were wasting my time. I reckon I've lost between a half to an ounce because of it. I left one of the cruddy colas in tact as most of the way up it's ok looking then it just goes to shit right at the top.
    I'm going to blame ruderalis for this and I think it has somewhat put me off . Thankfully it looks like I'll pull at least 30 to 40 GS of good bud off this one so all's not lost.

    Good buds
    Screenshot_20180517-174307.png Screenshot_20180517-174317.png

    And an example of the shit it turns to at the top, the colas I chopped off were much worse looking

    Screenshot_20180517-174331.png Screenshot_20180517-174326.png

    RoF Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... well you do say that the ones you cut were worse. From the pics they do look thinner but not total shwag. Could be the ruderalis, could be stress...

    Honestly, doesn't seem thaaat bad.

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    No Grow info given but looks like a combination of heat stress and too much fertilizer.
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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    Could have been heat stress tbf. But I've never had a plant go swaggy on me like this ever. But it did get pretty hot for a few weeks

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Im sure it could've been used for something than just chopping.

    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    But the good buds are really good

    Sexx Pistils

    Sexx Pistils Member

    Interesting! Can't tell if that's "foxtailing" caused by heat stress or just a bizarre pheno, but either way, nice save. I wouldn't have known how to turn that around. She's frosty af.
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    SwiSHa85 Well-Known Member

    Had a HSO Sour D auto grow similar at just the top cola. It was over 5 foot tall and at the very top of my tent. The extra heat up top caused it to foxtail abit. In the end she got really fat and looks great curing right now.

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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    is there any way to change the title. i would like to retract that it is a shitty was probably my fault. the buds i did harvest are some of the dankest ive ever smoked
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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    XD probably not, but glad to see she put out good in the end. Final weight? Whats next?
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    shannonball Well-Known Member

    we had an issue with our afghan ryder from world of seeds. grew like a crazy sativa. lanky, tall, craziest looking plant we ever grew. cropped it and tossed it out. Grew a pakistan ryder and got ~2 oz and it was exactly as described. Awesome night-time strain! We think there are better genetics out there so won't grow either of these again.
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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    final weight was a suprising 50 grams, the weed itself is actually very good. no mucnhies at all which is strange, but the buzz is definitley euphoric, always fancy a sex and/or porno session after smoking some of this.. and the smelliest strain i have grown to date. will smell badly through 2 baggies .

    whats next, going back to a more up sativa high with another cinderella 99 ,currently on leaf set 1, day 4 .

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Care more for a Sativa myself.
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    lilboosie Well-Known Member

    50 grams not bad was this an auto
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    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    it was prolly just the heat .... AKR really is some good smoking beans
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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member


    SNOLEPERD Active Member

    Wow you have realy nice frosty buds low on your plant but not at the top? Never saw that usally the other way around, did you injur the top part of your plant? You said you toped it, something prevented your nutrients getting to the top part of your plant would be my guess.

    gwheels Well-Known Member

    It is an auto. I grew one a couple of years ago. I found it produced a very nice afghan kush flavor and yield was around 45 grams. I used a grow box and a mars 48 reflector so i think you can get more out of them with better lighting but autos do what they want.

    SNOLEPERD Active Member

    Yes they do do what they want no doubt, but I was licking my chops over your flower, and at least you got a nice something for your troubles, I was going to grow that, word of seeds?

    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    Yeh world of seeds

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