Aerogarden Bounty LED - Final results

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    PrinsesS Active Member

    I figured I'd post some quick pics of my first Aerogarden grow.

    The Aerogarden Bounty edition comes with a 45w LED so I didn't expect much. In fact, I bought the thing to grow lettuce and peppers but they couldn't keep up with the nutrients required for the cannabis, thus eventually died off. I grew these to plants without any special treatment. They basically grew on my night stand with no odor control, no supplemental lighting, and using the same fox farms nutrients including Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha-Ching I use for the plants in my grow tent, which are in soil,

    Before any hate on the state of some of the leaves, this grow had a lot of issues. Both plants experienced slight root rot, and an attack from broad mites, but still managed to pull through.

    Would I do this again? I think I might keep this going somewhere else in the house year-round growing exclusively autoflowers. It's really passive, and doesn't require much upkeep especially with the Aerovoirs keeping the water levels up for me for weeks at a time. I'd say if you're on a tight budget and aren't a heavy smoker, using one of these might be enough for you. I'm guessing I'll get a couple ounces off these babies.

    This is 90 days since seed. I plan to chop tomorrow since the trichomes are ready under a scope:

    aerogarden1.jpg aerogarden2.jpg aerogarden3.jpg aerogarden4.jpg aerogarden5.jpg aerogarden6.jpg

    The left plant is Tangerine Dream autoflower, and the right Bubbleberry autoflower.

    I'll post pics of the harvest in this thread afterwards. What do you guesstimate the yield to be?? :)
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    But are you really the beautiful girl in your avatar? Nice little harvest regardless
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    Resinhound Well-Known Member

    Honestly I think you did great,considering 45 watts.And you kept them reasonable size in there.G/J.
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    ODanksta Well-Known Member

    Dafuq 45 watts? Lol no way

    Resinhound Well-Known Member

    I know right...
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    PrinsesS Active Member

    Like I said, I didn't expect much either, but the plants took off like wildfire compared to the same seeds in my soil grow. What really helped (and solved my root rot) was to run the water pump 24/7. I'd say that doubled the rate at which they flowered. They're not as dense as the ones I have in my tent, which use two 600w LEDs, but they're not bad. I'd compare the results to maybe a 250w HPS? I used to own a 400w HPS and they're not that dense either.

    Here's a shot with the lights on. It's not even pink:
    Here's some more shots from a couple of days ago:
    aerogarden8.jpg aerogarden9.jpg aerogarden10.jpg
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    cplantsalot Well-Known Member

    That's amazing...

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Well done! I never seen someone finish a plant in the aerogarden without removing the lights and using a different light.

    Resinhound Well-Known Member

    Ok im gonna go out on a limb here but...

    MARRY ME...

    (Unless youre a dude in which case,fuck off)

    PrinsesS Active Member

    Same here, like it couldn't be done yet I never saw anyone try. I figured its because when Aerogardens first came out years ago, they used CFL lighting which wasn't the greatest, and more recent LED versions only have a 30w LED. You have to get the Bounty or Bounty Elite to get the 45w light. Now, like I said previously, these buds are dense up top but really fluffy down below. I figure they'll shrink up quite a bit once dried, but if I can pull in at least 1 oz between the two plants combined (almost certainly), then I'd say mission accomplished; the Aerogarden paid for itself right there. If someone wanted to make a slight improvement, buy some grow LED strips, and mount 8-12" long strips of LEDs around the rim of the light hanging downward to get more light to the sides and below. I saw commercial lettuce growers doing that.


    Sorry, I'm taken ;)
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    RockStarGrower Well-Known Member

    Check out rapid led lights. They got light bars different sizes. I use them for flower and have ran them 3 years now with big success. If you have any questions about them, pm me.

    PrinsesS Active Member

    As promised, harvest pics (each hanger is 1 plant):

    aeroharvest1.jpg aeroharvest2.jpg

    (left pic- bubbleberry autoflower, right pic- tangerine dream autoflower)

    They could have used a couple more weeks but I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow for 3 weeks, so I opted to chop them now rather than take a chance on my auto-watering system which hasn't been fully tested yet. I'll be chopping what's left in the grow tent for the same reasons :(
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    OCMotoDad Member

    Great Job, and thank you for this! Im also purchasing the AeroGarden Bounty, just for a small in home grow. Im all about having it pay for itself! I can see you went with the reflective skirt as well. I was going to do two of them, for 360 degree reflection, as well as the grow strips. And then just let it sit on the night stand and do its thing.

    Ive been trying to find others who have done this, and the only negatives I've found, is with the old CFL bulbs on the cheaper systems.

    loganb1215 New Member

    What was the yield on the Bounty grow?

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    I get a pound with a candle.
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    ituproll New Member

    Hi PrinsesS, great stuff! How often did you change the water in your reservoir?

    Weed47 New Member

    Hola, Buenas me llamo David soy nuevo en el foro y me gustaron haceros preguntas a las personas que cultivan o teneis experiencia con aerogardens, y algunas dudas mas que tengo sobre lavado de raíces con agua osmotizada.. Alguien me podría ayudar? Gracias de Ante mano

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    Where did you get your Tangerine Dream seed? I just finished on in an DIY aeroponics grow. I had a loooong wait for it to show any amber Thrics. I got mine from Growers Choice. I like the buzz from it. I was growing under ~225 watts LED and got a good amount from mine.

    I'm still cureing my TD and smoking some buds I grew under a ~50 watt LED panel in solo cups. THey grew like little trees and had massive buds about an inch long.:p It's nice to see that the lack of root constriction will yield a lot more under such a small lamp.

    Rouxdy Active Member

    Well done! They look great.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Hello, Hi, my name is David, I am new to the forum and I liked to ask you questions to people who cultivate or have experience with aerogardens, and some more questions I have about root washing with osmotized water. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

    Hola, David, por favor usa Google translate ya que la mayoría de nosotros no habla español. Bienvenido a RIU

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