Aerogarden Bounty high water temp.

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    Azazel35 Member

    Hey guys I'm having trouble with my first hydro grow. I've been battling root rot. Think I have fixed it. But my water temps getting in the 80s. It's in a cold basement on the ground.

    I have a old refrigerator. Can I put my bounty inside the refrigerator and grow? Im wondering about plants oxygen being inside refrigerator. Would I need drill hole to keep my air pumps outside the refrigerator?

    If rhis has been ask before sorry. I'm work don't have time to research and I'm irritable about my plant dying. Still looking very over water.

    Jonstipated Active Member

    Do you have your pump running constantly? Change it to like 10 min on / 15 min off if you do. Are all the holes you aren't using plugged up?

    Moishe Active Member

    You need to get some sort of water chiller or heat exchanger. Don't put your plants in the fridge x.x
    If you can't get a chiller then put a frozen bottle of water into your bucket

    Dgringo69 Active Member

    Just run beneficials
    -great white
    My res temps sit right around 82f and I do not have root issues. I quit running a chiller long ago.
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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Like hygrozyme?

    Roscko Well-Known Member

    Morrisgreenbergs has coverved this in good detail in this thread. Just scroll down a lil to his post. He used a mix of hygrozyme and h2o2.
    I've done fine with just h2o2. Just make sure to cover the (black) top with something that will not absorb light like foil, mylar or even paint it white like I did.
    The black on the top gets warm fast from the light, also make sure you dont have any light leaks.
    A lot of times the light leaks can come from the tubes for the air pump, just make sure to tape them up at the connection going in until your sure no light is leaking in.
    Thats if your using a air pump though.

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