advanced nutrients vs super soil?

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    Muskegman Well-Known Member

    I've been using supersoil for a year now. Have had problems the entire time . Followed the recipe to a T. I ended up having to top dress and always had deficiency of something. Ended up making worm casting tea to save my crop this last time. That worked well. However, I'm doing a test run now. I'm using the PH perfect line, of micro, grow, and bloom, along with bud candy, big bud, and voodoo. The soil on my AN plants is a 50/50 mix of lucky dog and fox farms ocean forest, early Durban strain. And the other is supersoil again. And I'm not gonna lie, the PH perfect lineup was pretty cheap. Its the big bud and other stuff that's kinda high priced, but you use very little of it so it's whatever. So far, my AN plants are looking way better. Without a doubt. Growing flowers fast, more trichomes, closer nodes, etc.

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    Sorry Bro, but your in the wrong forum. This is "Organics." You trust AN to be a natural product? The audience here are organic growers who enjoy comparing methods. AN is the other end of the spectrum. Are you here to simply flame up controversy?

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    I think it's ok if he brought this up in the organic group as he's questioning what's better. As I wrote in my last comment, I've had much less problems using AN. Had nothing but problems with the Super soil. I honestly don't believe it's a cure all for growers. aftwr it was all said and done, my plants I fed AN made my plants in the Super soil look pathetic. Never using Super soil again. I'm not saying that Super soil is horrible or not to use it. I'm just saying AN works better for me in every aspect .

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    This thread is 7 years old... Interesting none the less

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