advanced nutrients vs super soil?

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    Stoneyk Well-Known Member

    I am using subcools super soil and i have been thinking of trying out the Advanced nutrient line. I was curious if anyone on here has experience with both and could give an honest comparison as far as yields, grow times and cost.
    O an Hello! im new here this is my First post:weed: Love this place! so much info!
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    nathenking Well-Known Member

    I have ran advanced nutrients in hydro and subs super soil with the same strain... With out a doubt you should stick to the super soil bro, way better tasting cannabis. Good luck
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    The Potologist

    The Potologist Active Member

    Advanced Nutrients doesnt deserve to be even compared to Super Soil. AN is made for Marketing Wizards to be sold to the gulliable with extra cash to spend :)

    Peace, Love, and Happiness
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    nathenking Well-Known Member

    very well said brudda
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    Str8Dank Member

    can you guys provide some insight on supersoil?

    i've read the recpie before but it seems to be lacking some vital information in the HT article.

    #1 say in a 2 gal pot/bag how many inches of super soil would you add to the bottom of the bag to be able to make it through a entire grow without having to add back additional nutrients. what are users finding is a good starting amount of super soil (percentage wise) per container?

    in the article it just feels vague he stated

    After choosing your base soil, the Super Soil concentrate is placed in the bottom one-third to one-half of the container and blended with the base soil. (With strains that require high levels of nutrients, we’ll go so far as to fill ¾ of the container with Super Soil, but this is necessary only with a small percentage of strains.) This allows the plants to grow into the concentrated Super Soil layer, which means that in the right size container, they’ll need nothing but water throughout their full cycle. One of the things I like best about this soil mix is that I can drop off plants with patients, and all they have to do is water them when the soil dries out.

    do you place the super soil in the bottom and "top off" with your base soil or do you blend it in becasue he says both! if it's blended its though out the entire medium if it's placed in the bottom and then reg soil is added to the top then it makes sense when he says it allows the plant to grow into the super soil.

    thebugslaaaa Well-Known Member

    yup, just like he said, fill 1/3 to 1/2 SS (some people run 100% SS, but be careful you don't burn your babies) and then fill the top half with your base soil transplant and your good to go!

    raw225 Active Member

    super soil? never heard of it, where can i buy some @ :)

    StonedBlownSkiller Well-Known Member


    Stoneyk Well-Known Member

    thanks for the replies guys! im gonna stick with the super soil it just makes things so easy. The taste is phenomenal with the super soil.

    Stonercool Member

    It's sad, really. People call themselves serious growers and base their opinions on a nutrient on their marketing - not on what the nutes do.

    Advanced Nutrients is an awesome brand, and I base that on my experience, not on how they market. If there was another brand that outperformed them, I would buy those nutes.

    Isn't it about how the nutes affect your grows? I couldn't care less if their ads were one way or another. I mean, they have to make money, so why do I care how they manage their business? I just use their nutes.

    But if a bunch of people want to be whiny about the way they run their businesss, that's fine, I guess. Sort of a waste of board space, isn't it?

    If someone steps up with some solid numbers of Advanced Nutrients vs. Super Soil, then that would be impressive. Right now, it's just a silly argument that the AN haters bring out when they're told to complain by their nute companies.

    (Don't think people don't realize what you're doing....we do.)

    I'll speak up with something valuable - I think AN works really well for me, and I'd be curious to hear something more than 'Super Soil' is good from others. Anyone want to create a real discussion here?


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    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    Listen to these guys here, they know what there talking about.

    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    The 3LittleBirds have done a comparison on AN carb something or other VS. Mollasses and as it turns out thats pretty much all the AN did was put waterd down mollasses in a high priced small bottle and raped growers by charging $25 for it when you can get 30x more than that for 8 bucks at any farm supply store. I just wished i would have read more about AN BEFORE spending a shit ton of money and ending up dissapointed.

    BigBudE Well-Known Member

    Subcool uses 7gal pots, ive been told anything smaller youll have to add some more sometime in the cycle.

    blazingtimes Member

    Well, no offense dude, but who spends a ton of money on something they're not sure about? You can buy just a few nutes and make an educated guess about whether they're the right ones for you.

    I would NEVER spend a lot of money on any nutrient at first. I mean, that's just me though.

    I haven't see the grow that you're talking about, but whenever I've seen molasses in a grow, it just hasn't worked out for the grower. Now, I guess it could have just been the grower too, that I don't know. But I'm a proponent of using nutrients that are designed for growing weed, not for other purposes.

    Blah blah blah marketing hype arguments. If something works use it. If not, don't use it. But you don't see me ripping on other nutes for the way they market. If someone doesn't do their research, that's their problem - not the nute company's fault. LOL

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    The only AN product I use is Bud Candy,, once a week weeks 2-6, a bottle goes along way usin it sparingly... It has increased my yield with out a doubt...

    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    I've noticed the same trend. It's definitely more common to "just hate" AN than to have a rational reason to.

    Speaking of those who "just hate" AN, the 3LBs are the Hater Poster Children. They've had a huge axe to grind with AN since forever, I'm not sure why, but they have. So when they say they compared something to Carboload you gotta ask yourself how much of their findings are legit and how much are just made up to fit their agenda.

    3LB have an agenda, don't fool yourself. The fact that their agenda isn't obvious (like a nute company who obviously just wants to sell you something) makes me WAAAAAY more suspicious of why they say what they say.
    The Potologist

    The Potologist Active Member

    I will still stick to my guns on this when I said that advanced nutrients does'nt have any right to be compared to super soil. I think anything made with MAN power is more natural and beneficial to mankind than something made with synthetic fertilizer machines and what not. I think all in all, just use what works best for you. HOWEVER, I can tell you that MANY have reported problems with AN and I havent seen a single "hater" with supersoil. Its very simple to use and make. Its extremely effective, and has been the medium of choice by many Cannabis Cup I side with what works for me...Super Soil all the way :)

    Peace, Love, and Happiness

    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    Super soil? thought that was just a brand of soil not a kind of nutrients, Advanced Nutrients is just Advanced marketing. I was thinking bout it today and they say that all of there shit is scientifically tested, but seriously it's total bull shit, the only science that's in it is the process it takes to produce the chemicals IE; chelate, sulfate etc. It's simply not possible to be as technical with shit as they claim. Especially with it comes to plants. I definitely believe they have effective products, but their average product is double the cost of any other brand of nutrients and they work just as well.

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    No doubt, i totally agree...

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    ill take a natural beneficial microbial smorgasbord to nutrient mixing any day yay organics for just storing water and keeping it fresh

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