Advance nutrients!!! B52 or Organic B?!

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    YOUR AVATAR SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOU! first off your a hater. i feel sorry for anyone on a cannabis site with hate in their blood. let me school ya a bit.... cannabis got it's freedom from rebels with balls, not spineless shit talkers.....

    now the facts are plants use B vitamins... what degree do you have? i have a 20 years of growing under my belt as well and a degree in horticulture
    oh i see you don't have true facts to go from, you must work at a nute company or your a pot head speaking from his anus! now i do not use the whole AN line and never would but i mix and match at my experience level you buy what your plants need. and a pro can see what his girls need and doesn't need instructions... facts are plants DON'T NEED BUT WANT EXTRA GOODIES. needing is when it has deficiencies. wanting is when a plant is healthy and fine but like a person going to the gym who exerts harder exercise than a normal person... his/her body wants extras.... it doesn't need them but it wants them... and when you give a organism what it needs 1st... so that it has basic overall health..... then you give it extras so it can concentrate on more vital process rather than having that organism expected to make all its own chemical process. it is a proven fact that adding supplements to any organism will result in less stress to that organism so that that organism can use its energy for other process. i will admit that like humans.. Plants can use vitamins... a plant takes what it wants and the rest does go to waste... but if you factor in the cost of nutes, water, electricity, trimmers... etc... you have plenty after spending top dollar on nutes.... expansion is part of any good experience... stay cheap and small your never grow as gall needed to go past the rest and be one of the best!

    AN products being compared to home depot b1 is so hilarious its unbelievable. when you get down the the ingredients home depots blue bottle has mostly and is used at a high rate per gallon in comparison. SO YES YOU DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    I have used many brands of nutes. each company has a few gems that they make
    when you drop the hate youll realize that even AN with their kid like pics on the bottles has a few gems up their sleeve. so does H&G. so does GH and Nutrifield... etc... etc... etc....

    if you skimp on nutes your skimp on true potential of a plant.
    i got trophies for my shit so don't talk shit until you can top that!

    the skywalker finished 77 days.jpg THE OG SKYWALKER CUT (LUKES).PNG
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    haaaaaahaaa, holy shit lady what the fuck is your problem. I'm sure your a nice woman but don't don't start that throwing around pics like your boss or some shit. that aint cool.
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    What a rant :clap:, Brobie's back in a new bubble!
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    Highest bidder were you? :roll:
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    funny how this shmuck pulled a thread from 2012 to write a paragraph about AN and their BS. Can you say AN REP, or brobie has a new puppet
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    ***5 paragraphs and 2 HD photos! lmao :mrgreen: whos the pothead now :bigjoint:
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    So lets see these facts and degrees that you have... Shows us examples of how B1 Thiamine is take in by plants.

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    I'm still trying to figure out if B vitamins actually benefit a grow. I too have considered Advanced Organic B. It is costly considering all the stuff I use gives me great results. I prefer all organics. I use Iguana grow and bloom, cal mag plus, liquid karma, and nirvana.

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    i got some nirvana that im gonna be using this year for a supplement to my living soil im growing in for flower. what do u like about the nirvana? when i read the list of ingrediants i figured it would be great for the flowering phase since im not gonna be giving the plants any ferts at all thur the root zone bc the soil mix i have is just water only. i also got bud factor x which is awesome bc its got chitosan in it

    Smokenpassout Well-Known Member

    I use the nirvana as a organic bloom enhancer. I like that it is natural and Improves flower quality and flavor.
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    I can bet there would be no difference with the same strain grown without Nirvana. ;)
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    carry on...

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    u ever heard of chitosan? there is a huge difference when using that compound. it helps activate the plants SAR which in turn gives more trichs and also bursts the cell wall of fungi aka botrytis. when the plants defense is activated it will bring out more trichs which is part of the plants defense system,but since u know all that already dont take my word for it here is some links to read that may help u. i use it strictly for prevention of bud rot and if i get extra trichs in the process of preventing bud rot then HELL YEAH!! so before u think all An products is shit u need to research things like i have!! im not a An fanboy either bc i have never used nothing else from them,but i will this year.I will carry on doing what im doing..why didnt u quote bud factor x is awesome bc of the CHITOSAN? only quoted bud factor x is awesome!!

    How does the level of THC in marijuana increase?

    As the level of THC production up to a marijuana plant is defined by their genetics, you can not increase your level beyond the breaking point, however, maximum production is rarely achieved; then it is possible to stimulate the plant to reach its optimal level of production. The goal is to increase resin production in the plant, which will increase the total amount of THC.

    For that we can, for example, practice a slight water stress at the end of flowering. Dryness favours the formation of the ground resin.

    Cannabinoid extraction

    As the resin is the primary means of defense of the marijuana plant, we can optimize production stimulating the systemic acquired resistance of the plant with the help of stimulating natural defenses (SDN). We can mention, for example, exogenous elicitors as laminarin, oligosaccharide famines seaweed extract (Laminaria digitata) or chitosan from crustacean shells.
    Chitosan effects on plant response were first characterized as an elicitor. It was shown to be able to activate plant defensive genes through the octadecanoid pathway [70]. According to the defensive gene induction activity, chitosan was proved to induce disease resistance"
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    do u use it for weeks 3-6 as it suggests? i will be using nirvana,bud candy and bud factor x and then use flawless finish on the way out.
    OG Gardenz

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    one by one you can replace AN bottles of bs with the actual activator they try and hide within that product, if there is one!

    Mostly just things like Kelp, Humic and Fulvic Acid. Not magic like adv makes it out to be...
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    Yes I use Nirvana at full strength during the suggested weeks. I do not use bud candy as a carb product anymore, It imparts a synthetic taste to the flowers. I use botanicare raw as a carb instead. Although carboload would be a good AN choice for this. I havent used Bud Factor X. I do use Overdrive, it fattens buds up in weeks 7-8, when you cant feed Big Bud or Nirvana. I give most another 2 weeks of plain water flushing. So 10 weeks total. You know its ready then
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    I actually wont be using Nirvana anymore, after I finish the small sample bottle I have. Not enough of a benefit. However, the plants Ive grown with it are primo smoke.
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    Grown in soil with AN a and b bloom, calmag and b-52. Does me good.

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    i got B-52 on the way to me now. i wont be using their base nutes this year though im gonna finish up this veg+bloom dirty and maxi grow and bloom i have first. i will for sure be trying it though once im done with these and i will run all their bud boosters. bud factor x is the shit man u should try it and watch ur plant looked like it was triple dipped in sugar. a white mountain of sticky goodness from this shit!

    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    i will see how mine turn out this year and see if its got a good benefit for my liking. im gonna use bud factor x along with terpinator and see what becomes of it. im thinking i will just get 250ml of all the bud bloom enhancers this year since i run a small personal grow those 250mls will last me at least 2 grows. Do they still give out samples?

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