Adv Nutes and Soil OUTDOOR


Hey i just started growing. i just got 3 skywalker OG clones rockwool and just transplanted them into soil. I was wondering how often do i feed my clones adv nutes and how do i mix the nutrients? Do i just get a gallon bucket of water and mix 2-3 diff nutes in it then feed? Please help.
just make sure you mix your nutes and your filtered water fresh every time. What kind of soil are you using? Soil may have nutes in it already and you dont want to overfeed your plants quite yet..


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AN is expensive...i went that route my first year....please save your cash and use cheaper nutes that work better....

to know how to mix up some AN nutes.....look on their website.....might want to ph them....

good luck!


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The place I get my clones from says they feed their clones 300ppm of Sensi Bloom with a pH of 6.0... I do the same thing for the first feeding except I use Sensi Grow and I use 200ppm Liquid Karma and 1 scoop of Great White Mycorrhizae for every 10 gallons of water