Acetyl Fentanyl synthesis

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    kapitan.crunk Member

    shit i had no idea that there was bromadol or AF were floating around so close to home, only one province away..really would like to source out both of these, im sure it would ork out to be all around cheaper then the habit i have to feed

    panhead Well-Known Member

    God im glad i get nearly unlimited opiates from pain management , i cant immagine paying street prices on the Oxycontin & Daudid i take .
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    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    With recent drug rescheduling,you'd probably be buying heroin in no time..pills have doubled in value from what I understand...
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    JointOperation Well-Known Member

    do you know this stuff is more powerful then heroin. by a long shot..

    do you know how addictive it is.. and how it ruins lives.. lol if he got busted.. u better believe your name was brought up.. lol.. pretty sure you will be busted next.. especially being on the internet talkign about it. ha
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    JointOperation Well-Known Member

    lol i saw the bust your talking about hahaha

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    That reminds me.
    Around thanksgiving this guy sees me walking home from the store, we walk or ride bikes mostly in my little hippy town in tx. So ima walking and he asks if I need a lift, course I won't insult and hop in. We stop at my drive and he says. "so you know where to get pain pills? The new scheduling is making em so hard to come across." What are you looking for? Just some good ol yellow v's or something fancier. "Nah thats perfect"

    I laughed, nope don't know anything about em. Damn coppers round here

    Oh and I say this often, fuck oxy. Dilaudid is my fav
    Paul Macdonald

    Paul Macdonald New Member

    I wish there was a site just for synthesizing opioids Im in canada
    and anyone that wants to text or email me about learning the subject of synthetic opiate syntheses. I have some chemistry and books that might be of help. like:
    organic syntheses by Stewart Warren
    doctors here are really hard on their Pain patients and more and more people are looking to make their own as its not that hard

    canndo Well-Known Member

    do yourself a favor and stick to growing poppies.
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    Khemi Well-Known Member

    So is this guy still alive? Still walking around free? I have been a bee for a very long time and in all my years I have never seen such a dumb ass act so carelessly on the web. For what? To brag he knows a little bit of chemistry? Big whip buddy. There's a dozen of you in every state in the country. The only difference is they don't advertise they are driving around with 750g of a highly potent opioid. Are you still sticking to your initial story in another thread that the 1.5KG of 4-Piperidinone was just for personal use? Guy like you make me sick. You have no control over the people that buy this shit. You have no idea how intelligent they are, if they are responsible, etc. On top of that you make a volumetric solution and then add cut volumetrically and believe that you can just lay that and you will get a homogenous product? The only safe way to handle pure fentanyl for consumption is by itself in a volumetric solution, NOT mixed with cut to be dried to be pressed in pills! And who the fuck buys a 2k+ pill press for their personal use.

    Go back to making kiddy shit like MDMA. If I didn't give a fuck about your dumb ass I wouldn't have wasted my time posting this. You obviously need help and a self esteem because only someone lacking a self esteem would give themselves to the feds on a golden platter with your, "gee I'm cool" posts.

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    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    Hasnt been since since 9-3-2014, I couldnt tell ya what happened to him. He may be back in prison or dead, But to resurrect an 18 month old thread to bash someones endeavors is a dick move to say the least.
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    this shit has been dropping ppl like flies

    Herrondon434 New Member

    I wanna know the easiest way to synthesize carfent
    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    Your gonna die trying it....

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Stupid person.
    Another dumbarse got himself into the newspapers this week for taking over 3 gram of molly and then died.
    Claims it was the first time he took it, yeah right.
    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    I'll never understand this shit.... Just grow out some poppies people , how hard is it ? People always fucking with shit they have no idea's about, wanting to fuck with a substance that a pin head full of would likely kill you.......

    Herrondon434 New Member

    Why make 500 grams. Of reg fent
    When you can make 5g of carf and get 5000 of the same potency

    legalcanada Well-Known Member

    carf is definitely not 100x stronger than fent... they came to that conclusion with the tail flick test on rats... it's maybe 10x stronger

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