Acetyl Fentanyl synthesis

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    A few weeks ago a buddy of mine in Montreal was raided and caught with 3kg of acetyl fentanyl(the cops refer to it as desmethyl fentanyl), and other synthetic drugs such as Bromadol. The bromadol he was caught with was of low purity and was purchased by him, not made by him. He was actually trying to get rid of it cause it wasnt what he wanted(he wanted the trans isomer(trans-bromadol)cause its more bioactive). Anyways. This guy was not a classically trained chemist but he and another were capable of producing pretty decent acetyl fentanyl with minimal by product and relatively pure. I traded some of what I had for what he had(fentanyl HCl for acetyl fentanyl). The acetyl angl. is weaker and it has a longer life and both of those properties interested me. At the time though I had more than enough Fent HCl to last and was in no rush to buy some of the acetyl fent from him or make it myself. I was thinking though that when I did run out of the fent HCl I was just going to buy some of the acetyl fent from him instead of having to set up a lab again and get the press out again. But no of course that is no longer an option...the buying it part. So its time to set up the lad again. I have pulled the patent on the acetyl fentanyl and it looks pretty straight forward with nothing really special. So over the next few weeks I should start receiving the materials needed to produce some. I will not be writing a "How-to" guide as this is not something to try to make in one's basement by someone who doesnt appreciate the danger of what they are creating. I may take a few pics along the way and post them and show the finished product but that about it. If there are any chemist's on here though that have questions or thoughts I dont mind if you write in. I post every now and then as things come together...time to start chem shopping in China, later

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    good luck man, but don't lets his trouble bite you in the ass somehow

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    I sure hope you are on a VPN.. all the news articles sound like your buddy is looking to be pretty screwed.

    I'm not sure about Canadian legislation regarding pill presses.. but they are rather monitored in the US. I would love to see the pictures along the way, but like I said, I hope you are behind a VPN.

    rory420420 Well-Known Member hope you're on the right path..seems hot around your way chill..but that's just me..

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    wen thinking about this. How is the oral bioavailability? I mean you tabbed the other stuff, this the same? And bow did you mix the fent in a powder to be dose consistant?

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    I would not wanna have to mix sizes in a pill form would require a lot of work...but all I know about fent is the ug patches..are there other forms not so potent??

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    The oral bioavailability is pretty low compared to other ROAs. They make the lollipops and effervescent tablets you stick between the cheek and the gum that are used for breakthrough pain.

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    With potent opioid's the easiest way to get a homogeneous mixture is by making everything a liquid and then mixing said liquids together. Once everything is blended you just dehydrate back into a solid(powder). We then take the powder and either put into a pill press for pills or a kg press for bricks all depending on what market Im selling to

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    So how goes your endevor?

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    Everything is going GREAT. We are in the Bromadol and trans-bromadol market now more then ever and its going quicker then anything we've ever messed with. Plus I get off parole in only 4 days. On top of that about 2 weeks ago I was pulled over for a break light being out(i didnt even know it was) and in the car I had 725g of AF. 4 cops searched it and it was never found. So everything is working out.

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    Damn! I bet you couldn't have got a greased hatpin up your ass with a jackhammer!!lol..that's called sweating!!
    Hope your run of good fortune safe.
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    Lol yup pretty much. When I saw the car headlights behind me that night I was thinking they looked like police headlights but wasn't for sure, still I was of course worried. But when the cop turned on his disco lights my stomach dropped and I thought it was all over with. When I was initially stopped it waas by one cop. Then once the first sop took my ID and brought it back to jis car and ran my name it it was only a matter of a few minutes before the second, third, and fourth cops showed up. Cop 3 and 4 was actually shift commander and a new cop who was being trained. The supv. was training the new cop which made it even worse. They asked me for consent to search which I said "no". The suprv then told me he had pc(probable cause)and didn't need my consent. So they descend upon the car and begin to look. After looking for 10 minutes or so they came up empty and I was on my way. So where was the 725g you ask? Well that night I decided to drive the Yukon XL. the Yukon has a center console dual cup holder. Just grab that cup holder and pull and it will pop right up and out revealing a void underneath that will hold quite a bit of dope or cash. I have always hated that damn Yukon up until that night, now it's my baby.
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    Dang man you should really look into or invest in a much better stash spot for your car if you're going to drive around with that much product. That could have went A LOT worse.
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    I've seen some tru;y amazing custom stash spots added into cars. Apparently the best guys at it are found along the mexican border for some reason...
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    I've seen boxes behind tail lights that opened on a hinge with a pneumatic piston..that's incognito for sure!

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    I dont know how you guaranteed it but you were right! It got delivered this morning. How much do you recommend I take? Im a everyday H user and I inject 4-5 times a day. Please let me know ASAP and thank you in advance.

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    In b4 close??

    Dudes seriously....

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    For real dudes. I really hope you're using some methods of obfuscating your identities.
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    KingJeff Member

    Bey RC, how much did you end up using? I been VERY interested in Bromadol. Ofc I mean in your resesrch since it isnt for human cinsumptiin

    I read a user of 4-6 bags ( like 3 IVd) who was using for 31 months strsight did 25mcg and was FLOATING off Bromadol. But he was obsly not smart since this is ALL for research only!

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    Hey now really need good supplier of a-f

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