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    Whats the time frame I should be brewing my aact for ? Longest to make it very healthy for my plants ?

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    Aact you can spray every few days in veg up until you see flowers... Some people spray the whole way but I find it effects the taste :/

    Youtube superweedman aact.
    And watch a few videos about aact. Watch how they do it and what they commonly use as ingredients.

    Avg brew is about 24/48 hrs depending on your heat.

    Good luck. It's super easy and it's hard to hurt your plants with it. Just don't spray in full sun.. You'll burn em.

    Early morning before light is the best time
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    Will Def give them a check thanks for the reply and help bless ,
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    Richard Drysift

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    I find around 36 hours is the sweet spot though you could go longer if you keep it bubbling. 24 hours is long enough for much of the sucrose to be consumed which will increase bacteria populations. If they are well fed they will begin fucking and multiply exponentially; then they will fight for dominance. The "bad" or anaerobic bacteria will slowly lose to the superior aerated bacteria. Average lifespan of bacteria is only 24-48 hours so after 36 hours brewing your tea should be at the height of activity; a good time to apply it to the soil. If you need to brew a tea longer than 36 hrs just add in some more compost to keep the party rocking.

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    That sounds good I'll keep that in mind thanks a million bro

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