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What size inlines are ok for a 4x4

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    Lovenug Member

    what size in-lines and carbon filter can I use in a 4x4 for nice air flow

    Timezone Member

    Maybe I can help with a little more info. How tall is your tent/room? In my area, I have to design for odor removal mainly which requires a larger filter and fan running more often. Do you live in such a situation? What lights do you use?
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    Lovenug Member

    That would be great! thanks dude. I’m not actually in the building yet, moving soon though. I have the room for a 4x4 I’d say, maybe a 5x5. I’m just tryna get a idea on what it is I need with no noises and minimal smell of dankness. But also maximum smell of dankness!:bigjoint:

    Nellyitis Member

    I have a 4x4 and run a 315 cfm hyper fan with a speed controller at 70% usually, along with a 300 cfm filter 6" does the job good. little noisy but good

    nekvt Member

    I've been using a 4" 200cfm fan & filter in my 4x4. I run it at around 75% most of the time. During the hottest times during the summer I crank it up to 100%. I have larger 6" fan in the garage that I spent $350 on about 15 years ago that I will probably try when it's time to replace the filter.
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    Bookush34 Well-Known Member

    I have 2 fans for my 3x3.
    4” One cools the lights.
    6” cycles on a temp controller exhausting the tent. Keeps a steady 78-79F.
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