3 Fan leaves per new node

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    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    A few of my plants have started growing 3 fan leaves per new node, even some plants that dont have them at the top growing tip have started growing them on what will become my clones.

    Theres nothing wrong with the plants and there all growing fine it just I have never read about 3 fan leaves before,

    The most formed set all have 7 blades per leaf and from that look to be growing 3 side branches..

    Anyone else ever had this happen ?

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    never known it to happn, sounds odd to me

    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    no joke theres 3 fan leaves m8, I will be getting some pics done tonight or first thing 2moro.

    I have not done any toping or Fim-ing this has just happened, like I said also some of the lower branches on a different plant also have 3 fan leaves

    I will update and show you once I have the pics

    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    Here is what I was talking about
    Once they grow out I will get some better shots I have about 3 plants like this

    Shanti4life Well-Known Member

    I didn't see your post until later and I had made a post myself regarding this. I have had this happen to 3 plants. 2 shiva shanti's from sensi, and one Jock Horror from nirvana...it started with three cotyledons and then i had three fan blades at each node. There is such limited reading about this out there that i would appreciate some insight into this as well. Is this a desired trait, since one of the plants was stunted and the others turned out fine. Regards

    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    I have looked about for some info and like you say theres very little. all my plants are the same hight, ones even on its 2nd node of 3 fan leaves which in a way is good as each node also has 3 branches which =s more bud for US

    I though that maybe some one else would have posted as I cant see we are the only two to ever have this happen

    Anyone out there with maybe an answer as to why the plants are growing like this?

    closet.cult New Member

    They are evolving greater surface area to absorb the HID lamps and higher CO2 levels.

    We are seeing evolution happen. No, we are directing evolution.

    Just a thought. ;-)

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    think we could get some more pictures buddy : )?

    Bigbud Well-Known Member

    Yea sure once I get a camera back...

    I still had this one on my pc you can see it a lot better in this one and some nice yellowing of the leaves :mrgreen:

    babygro Well-Known Member

    Hiya Bigbud

    I think what you're seeing is what's called a Trifoliate or Whorlled Phyllotaxy plant, it's hard to tell from the pics you've put up. What usually happens is the leaves grow in opposite alternate pairs ie each leaf grows opposite each other and then turns 45 degrees and goes up a node and grows another alternate pair. In Trifoliates or WP plants, instead of two leaves growing opposite each other, three leaves grow from three separate nodes and still turns 45 degrees and moves up a node and grows another three leaves. I had one as a clone in my last grow, photo attached. You can clearly see the WP plant on the left.

    Whorlled Phyllotaxy is a growth disorder and most WP's grown from seed turn out to be male, although some can be female. Of those that turn out female about 20% will produce a larger yield, 20% a reduced yield and about 60% an average yield.

    It's nothing to worry about at all, just keep a close eye on it for signs of sex.

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    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    [FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif][From the NDIC Narcotics Digest Weekly 2004;3(37):2
    Unclassified, Reprinted with Permission.][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]On August 24, 2004, investigators from the Adirondack Drug Task Force seized 13 cannabis plants that had three fingered leaves instead of the traditional five. Investigators found the plants in a Beekmantown (Clinton County) field growing in crates that were concealed among blackberry bushes. The plants were approximately 4 feet tall, and buds were developing on many of the plants. Investigators found the plants after an individual provided them with a tip. No arrests were made at the time of the seizure, and the plants have not been analyzed in a laboratory. Task force investigators report that over the past 3 to 4 years there have been several seizures in Clinton County of three fingered leaf cannabis plants as well as one seizure of single fingered leaf cannabis plants. Agencies participating in the Adirondack Drug Task Force include the Clinton County Sheriff's Department, Plattsburgh Police Department, New York State Police, DEA, and U.S. Border Patrol (USBP).[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]NDIC Comment: Traditionally, cannabis plants are thought of as having five leaves; however, the number of leaves on a cannabis plant can vary (although it usually has an odd number of leaves such as three or seven). This seizure follows a widely publicized April 2004 seizure of four immature cannabis plants with three fingered leaves from an indoor grow in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The plants seized in Thunder Bay were atypical in appearance, however, having twig like stalks and broad, rounded leaves, which led to reports of the discovery of a new strain of cannabis. What may be more likely in both of these seizures is that it is an unintentional occurrence of whorled phyllotaxy. In botany, leaf phyllotaxy describes how leaves are arranged on a stem and in relation to one another. Whorled phyllotaxy means three or more leaves at one node of a stem. Information gained through online canvassing reveals that this may be a somewhat common occurrence when growing cannabis. The limited information also suggests that whorled phyllotaxy occurred in plants cultivated from clones of normal plants, and many incidents involved indica varieties, which typically have broader leaves than sativa varieties. Whether whorled phyllotaxy has an effect on plant yield or potency is uncertain. Some growers hopefully suggest that the THC levels of such plants will be higher, while others report that this leaf arrangement previously manifested in plants found to be inferior or male (no buds). The plants seized in Thunder Bay had not yet developed buds and tested at only 1.8 to 2.6 percent THC.[/SIZE][/FONT]

    DEA Resources, Microgram, October 2004

    dopey42009 Member

    i iive in same general location in upstate ny franklin county.and it is quit strange but i just happen to have three on theese 3fingered leaf pot plants,they dont even much look like pot but are very stinky and mine are definetly female.as to two of them are in 3 weeks uf flowering and are doing quit nicley and the other i cloned over one hundred plants of decent size of it,theese plants are just loaded and loaded in shoots upon shoots with 1 to 3 fingered fan leaves all over it with nodes just covered in pistols .i would really like to get some more info on theese types of plants if any one can help plzz help ive never seen any thing quit like it.If it hadnt came from a good friend/reliable source 1month ago at 2ft tall i would of thought i was getting ripped off. i think i may have whorled phyllotaxy or duck foot but not shore plzz.help me show me some pics or give me some info thanx

    TheoutlawTree Member

    Hey man ^. I live in the same area as well south of plattsburgh, and there has been ducksfoot clones going around for years around here. I havent grown it, but i know alot of people who do. Its most deff. a ducks foot clone.

    If you can ever get your hands on some adirondack gold, or Black diamond, do it! The diamond finishes real early at end of august up here, with at least a qp a plant from what ive heard.

    odin Active Member

    i grew up in beekmantown and have been saying for years that upstate ny has a duckfoot (originally called batleaf) plant that has been around for alot alot longer than wally duck

    not to say anything bad about him, but everyone always said that it was him that "created" this plant

    strange since i remember my father having the clones years ago and my first grows 15 years ago were duckfoot and diesel (another clone only)

    too funny to see the adtf thing! reading the article makes me laugh - the only way those guys can find a thing is when they "get a tip"

    YohanYorke Active Member

    wow hey guys!

    I also live in the adirondacks and have for about 7 years, small world.

    My question is what the hell happened to the Adirondack Gold??? That stuff was the best ever! I have been smoking for many, many years and that is still my all time favorite. But alas it became harder and harder for my guy to get it on a regular basis. in like 2000-2003 I was getting it for 240 an ounce at one point! Eventually it got even more scarce as it got more popular and he just found another connection of good but not as-good stuff and the ADK gold just went away. sucks. :wall:

    Rumor had it at the time that there was only one major semi comercial grower as the supply for just about everyone, except the few fans who were growing their personal stashes outdoor. Then that main supply line got into the hands of a circle of NYC celebs, musicians, with the $$$ for pounds and we kinda got priced out . One of the people was rumored to be Clarence Clemons saxaphone player from Bruce Springsteins E-street band. -Hilarious I know, but almost too random not to be true. Then near the end the only other ppl who had it were getting it from a closet source mother plant that must have gotten stressed then gave a bad clone that became the replacement mother. (Sounds nuts but I have heard of this before not necessarily true but what ev this is what I know). So then their were two types of the Gold around both were TOTALLY awesome and clearly, without a doubt, of the same genentics just one -the original. was better. The other new mutant kind was called "the outdoor" even when ppl grew it inside. Just to disinguish. Everyone in the scene knew about the reversion of the clone stock , but it was still waaaay better then anything out there.

    Of course I always wondered if it was just some other strain grown locally under a psudonym, but the thing is, throughout the years ive smoked many dutch strains (grown right) and they come close... but clearly not as good as the old ADK GOLD.
    I take that back: actually from my experience most really good weed comes nowhere near the quality of the Adirondack Gold. Taste: Skunk/Burning Rubber. Hits you very strongly instantly on the exhale
    Great stuff for all-night insomniac work or fun. Or Early riser wake-and-bakers. Almost amphetamine in its perking powers.
    And I never that over-smoked feeling -and trust me I over smoked!

    If you know anything about this strain please, please let me know. I'm not even interested in obtaining the cultivar anymore -well maybe I am! lol But seriously I just want to know what the deal was with this top notch shit I remember from back in the day?

    Everything about it was just super quality. Taste, stone, Density, burn consistancy, SMELL!, stone, and did i mention taste?

    If i did have a clone of this i would personally deliver it to all the major Dutch breeders because I am sure that it was somthing remarkable that i have not seen in any herb sence. At least as unique as Sour Deisel and much better in my opinion.

    Right now im shopping around via euro mail order and its just so frustrating picking a strain after my memory being spoiled by this awesome cannabis.

    My dream vacation would be driving to Cali just to get a cooler stocked full of the best true f4 phenos out there. A couple of cool packs in there. Then driving nonstop back to NY with a dozen new green DNA varieties with me. Thats also the only way i could really keep any self made cross breeds accidental ones or intentional seedings. You know if the shit has "papers" pedigree. I trust those breeders and respect the work they do that why mutts really should be avoided. I know ADKG is worthy of its genetics and should be handed over to someone who knows what they are doing. If it still lives... We must find it!


    If you even remeber smoking this shit you must post!


    I Heart NY

    williewill420 Active Member

    When i first starting experimenting growing cannabis i was using regular old poopy commercial bag seed. I was just practicing and was succesful at rooting a clone so i kept it. And the whole life of the plant it only put off single and 3 leave sets. The weed still sucked was just a greener version of reggie. But who knows what they found up there

    BuddhaBud Well-Known Member

    well, think about it - there is SO much breeding done with cannabis - cross breeding strains, brands, regions, indica/sativa, inbreeding , etc.
    often times this brings instability to the plants genes, and mutations and complexes such as the WP that u have- not much effect on the buds most of the time as it is a seperate part of the plant, and such mutations are bred out of genes, whereas mutations in branch structure are ignored for their lack of importance
    :bigjoint: have fun with the freak grow!

    highbudtoker Member

    i dont know the science to it, but i planted like 8 seeds from some good bud i smoked and one of them grew with 3 fans from the beginning

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    I've had some of my plants grow out with three leaves at the nodes, usually ones I've topped. Oddly enough, I've had some of them (topped for four colas) grow out two tri-leaf colas, and two normal, on the same plant. Nice thing I've found, with these, is the bud grows in the same manner - three, instead of two, at each node - and makes for a denser cola.
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    Mynamehere Active Member

    Tis the ducksfoot, Lotta people like that around clinton county, But theres a lot danker around here lol

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