2022 outdoor garden


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*Feel free to barf and comment all over this thread*

I threw some beans in sprouting trays to get the 2022 outdoor garden popping. For the first round of sprouts I dropped 6 each of the following.

Hell's Kitchen = NYCD x Lemon Bruleé from Covert Genetics

Black Domina x True OG from @allpronobro

Power Cheese = UK Cheese x (UK Cheese x Power Plant) from Luna

Destination Wedding = (Indiana Bubblegum x Wedding Cake) x Afghan Punch from Heart and Soil Project

Baby Firefly = Snow Queen x Psychosis from Sinister Seeds

Blue Peaches = (Blueberry Squealer #5 x Blueberry Squealer (F2)) from @Okcalyxx

Nothing to see yet. I'll post pics when sprouting starts.


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Just for something to look at....
Here's the current state of the mlk4 (left) and wb1(right) moms. They are now several (10 to 15) clone generations deep. The mom in the middle is Ice Pie that I acquired from a friend.

I don't plan on running these full size outdoor this year.....depends on what I find in the seeds popping. If anything, I will put the moms out to pasture to make seeds toward the end of the season.



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Whats your latitude? 43 here.
At least another month before its close to safe here.... Probably longer
36N......90% last chance of frost is first week of May. I should have everything ready to sex and cull out all but one male around then. I'll put the choicest females in the ground and keep the male veging until ready to make pollen. I'll gift out the rest of the females to local friends.


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26 have breached the soil. Its been 10 days since sowing, so I don't expect any others to show. Clockwise from upper left:

4 Blue Peaches
5 Hell's Kitchen
5 Power Cheese
3 Baby Firefly (one more might show in bottom center cell)
3 Black Domina x True OG
6 Destination Wedding


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I put the Destination Weddings in Solo cups and moved them in with the mothers. Space is about to get real tight. I ordered gender testing from rimrockanalytical.com using discount code "bulk10" for 10% off orders of over 10 tests and "be positive" for free shipping. That brings the cost down to 11.70 per test plus return shipping. That's well worth it for me to identify male/female this early on.

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I moved the Hell's Kitchen and Power Cheese into Solo cups. Some are looking a little stressed with the change, but the DW bounced back pretty well in one day. Hopefully the new transplants will look better tomorrow.
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Gender test results came back, and 19/27 were male. That's 70%. I saved one male of Destination wedding that was showing the best vigour/structure/stem rub aroma and culled the other 18 males. I think i'll pop some more.

The females are


Male DW


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I went ahead and sowed a few more beans to hopefully get a few more females to select from.

3 x Destination Wedding (Heart & Soil remainder of pack)

7 x (Indiana Bubblegum x Wedding Cake) x Afghan Hindu Kush (Heart & Soil)

8 x (SKxLK)x(Z3x(WCxBM)) (Tracker 2021)