2 x 600w XXXL Aircooled Hoods 6" in 5 x 5 with 6 plants scrog

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    Just done a grow with 2 plants and a 600w airtube and a 400w batwing but want to air hood it and disperse even light over my grow. Already have a 600w Nanolux e ballast so want to buy a 2nd and 2 xxxl hoods and put HPS Globes in 6 clones about 1ft tall about to go in there so can dim down and slowly increase to both on 600S in flower. Lots of Even symetrical wattage selections with 2 x 600 over a 1 x 1000. also think that PAR output of 1200w over glass would be similar to 1000w open air with the losses.

    Dont want to go LED and yes im informed. cant afford 2 x 315 CMH right now but this would be ideal and im finally not having to buy medicine anymore so savings can go towards lighting in another 12 months or so

    Already running a Can Fan 150 variable speed and 1200 Fresh Filter so planning on joining the xxxl's as close in series as i can (air wise) and hang them as a single fixture with some re enforced hanging support then out to my filter.

    autumn/fall temps in outside enviroment are sitting around 16c 65 RH will head as low as 12-8 then as high as 32-35c in summer durning the day i managed a grow over summer with 600w aircooled airtube and our seabreeze at night which helped to maintain temps inside the tent at 20c to 30c all year round.

    Growing Coco/Perlite 70/30 in fabric pots 1 Gal about to to go 5gal running Gen Hydro advanced nutes and RO water at 1/2 to 3/4 strength. Want to look into sealed grow in winter and CO2 enrichment very soon just need a 2nd fan and a c02 bottle but not sure if this will increase volume of quality as i am only growing for personal medication and hoping to do only 1 grow per year.

    would like to hear from anyone who has similar and their experiences i have browsed old forums and threads on the topic.

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    Sounds like a winning system.
    All I would suggest if your on a budget and in the US is to look for 6" HydroFarm Raptor Hoods on eBay. You can save a small fortune ;)
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