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  • they were like racoons coming for the trash. i had to toss some buds just to keep em happy. no really though. i only told 2 people. so it wasnt an issue till everyone who walked up to my door could smell it 40 feet from the door. then i had people saying shit like. either one of 2 things.
    1 some would say, dam did a skunk spray your cat? yeah thats it...lol
    the others would pull me aside and say. listen dude. i can smell that shit from walking by on the sidewalk. do something to cover it....so a few people called me on it and were let in on the secret....but i was basicaly a hermit for 6 months. till the harvest anyway...now im starting up again and im gonna learn from last time lol.
    hey bud whats crackin. yeah i went underground for a while just till i harvested those 65 plants...it got soooo bad you could smell the super skunk 40 feet from my front door. so i stopped posting and doing anything that could attract attention to the grow...this time im going with 10 plants....that way i can put my full effort into em...i put full work into the 65 but i spent 4 hours a day working on em
    well ill be damned how did u get hold of our finest cuttings then im from the exodus area ( cough )not luton :D
    저도 한국애서 대마초키우고있어
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