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  • hello mate im completly new to the growing where would you recomend me looking. i have a low budget btw got me air pots and nutes for soil... what route would i be best to go down next ???
    hey man, i managed to find one. so its all good. also I was meaning to ask, whats tubing size do you use coming from your tank to your system? so i guess what im asking is whats the tubing outlet on the accumulator tank you use. i liked that tank so i was thinking of going with it aswell. also, i know you mentioned it but what size was your lil relief valve? please and thanks man.
    Hi Trichy, which nozzles and nozzle bodies did you use for your AA aero, I bought a cheap siphon fed nozzle off ebay but can't get a constant output from the nozzle so think I may need to invest in a couple more. The mist drops off even when theres plenty od air going through the nozzle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Take it e z, FatalFlowers
    hello Trichy, i've skimmed thru most of your grow journals and have found your readings quite amazing. i'm very interested in starting up my own set up similar to your own, but was curious as to how it was you found your pressure regulating valve. any suggestions would be lovely.
    yeah thanks I'm captivated by it.... been reading since 6am again.
    hi !

    I was actively searching for HPA stuff, and at last, i DDIIIIIDD !! (Nice job)

    do you mind if i translate part of your thread on cannaweed'forum? it could be usefull for many people.

    of course you'll be quore as the author ;-)

    see U
    Hahaha, yeah it's funny in the sense that when reading the thread; it's almost like I've found a good book to read. I just don't want to put it down 'till i reach the end! I still have some time to catch up on the thread, join in, and build/tinker with my design before I actually intend on starting the growing trials. At the moment I'm waiting for my current (and possibly last ;) ) soil grow to finish up so that will give me until June to construct, test, and debug my HPA rig. It's going to be a hard few months ahead with the anticipation/excitement of the build :D
    Thanks, man. That was exactly what I was referring to! I've been messing around with it and it looks like a great tool. That site looks like it has some awesome information on it that could prove useful to me.

    Anyhow, I definitely plan on joining the thread after I get all caught up. I'm pretty psyched about HPA. I've got pretty much my whole design laid out on paper, just tweaking things as I read problems/discoveries/epiphanies encountered as the thread has progressed. I love the design phase, it has to be that engineering background of mine... haha.. It also helps when knowledge of fittings/plumbing/needed parts are second nature to me as I run the family hardware store for a living. Not to mention most of the parts at dealer cost ;)
    I didn't want to add more posts to the thread with little questions like this since it's already getting quite lengthy and I feel I'm already sprinting through the pages of reading to get entirely caught up on everything that's transpired. It's kinda hard to catch up quickly when you are determined to read every post :D

    Once I get entirely done, I'm going to join in on the conversation as I begin my planned HPA system. I've been taking notes and have some hopefully beneficial suggestions of my own ;) I'm so glad I found that thread before attempting my HPA build.
    Hey Trichy, I've been following and reading the True Aero 2011 thread.

    You had posted a screen shot of some sort of program (or excel spreadsheet) for calculating the amount of concentrated store bought nutrients to mix in order to get close to the desired PPM of each ingredient (or maybe it calculated the other way around, just giving the PPM broken down per ingredient).

    Anyway, I'm up to reading page 142/202 and unfortunately I can't find where the screen shot was at in order to give you a link to what I'm describing (I think it was somewhere in pages 30-40 maybe?). What program was that a screen shot of? (It wasn't HydroBuddy, this was posted well after that.)

    FOUND IT! Now what is it? lol
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