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    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    I thought forum cut was the thin mints pheno?
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    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    Damn man thats bogus.
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    CSI humboldt thread

    I did lemon tree s1 x skittlz and flavor and looks were there but potency is mids.
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    I wonder how often this happens especially with the sours, og kush and all the other strains/cuts that get mixed up constantly.
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    Clearwater Genetics

    I just harvested some white hot guava. Big ass buds, looks and hits great. I'm sure it taste bomb but I haven't been able to taste or smell anything, especially weed, without it being distorted so have no idea on flavors*. *Since getting covid last year in nov.
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    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

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    Cannarado genetics

    I feel you on people plant sitting. They always fuck something up. "All you got to do is just water the plants. 1 or 2 cups of water a day. Just make sure you don't forget." Come back and shits dried to the bone or beyond over watered... like man.
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    Nomad Seed Bank, good or scam?

    Never heard of them but there are literally hundreds of seed vendors popping up daily. Do yourself a favor and go to a trusted vendor. Great lakes genetics aka GLG @Bad Dawg Dcseedexchange CSI:Humboldt Cannarado Clearwater The genetic supply I've used all those companies with great...
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    Sour diesel

    I would not run greenthumbs anything even if someone paid me. Dude was, probably still is, charging $50 a single seed.. lol He has been around for a long time and I have yet to meet anyone running clones from their gthumb seeds.
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Its good, terpy.
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    Tiki Madman

    The gdp clone i got from Harborside back in 2009 was bomb as fuck. Tasted so good but definitely needed a potency boost. Flavor was addictive as fuck though.
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Had same issues with lemon tree s1 x skittlez. The cut I wanted to keep took over a month to root. I didn't realize it rooted til I pulled it out of the rockwool cube to check it out. There was 1 tiny root that I broke so I just tossed it.
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    Sour diesel

    Guarantee sour is still out there. More likely to be out there, held tight, than the ever elusive rks.
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    Chuckers paradise......

    The Mazar grew fine and still had decent vigor. The end smoke/effect is what I find lacking. But it is a solid reliable strain. Cheers
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    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    Thank you. My brother grew some dosimints outdoors 2020 and it was bomb so I figured can't go wrong.