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  • I was reading what you said about pool shock in a thread from a couple years back, and was wondering why you warned against using 4 in 1, or 7 in 1. I'm about to give pool shock a try in a new RDWC system and just wanted to be sure this is the one you're recommending: "HTH 67156 Shock Pods Care for Swimming Pools, 15 ct." Thanks!
    Hey! been browsing for a while and your advice seems on point when I see it so I have a newb question if you have time. I have 3 seedlings in 1” rockwool that I pre-soaked with starter nutes before placing the seeds in. They all came up and I’m 8 days in from seed. My question is how often should I water them with starter nutes vs just plain water?
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    sorry, i missed this question. i'm not a fan of rockwool so i'm not the best to ask ?s about it. good luck!
    Hello friend. Could you help me understand why my clones are turning yellow in the center?
    Hey bud I’m a Denver guy in need of some help with rdwc... I’ve had a couple failures and need help
    send me a PM with your questions/problems and i'll see if i can help
    I have not been on this forum long enough to dm ... do you happen to have a Instagram or something
    How often you adding shock to rez? I've got roughly 3000gal worth of rez I'll need to keep sterile. PM if needed
    How to properly set up a dispensary, and delivery service and find out about all products that move and are needed to be competitive in market place...and more..like I said
    I guess the best way is to come out there and look. Are there any ones you recommend..
    alot of them here have to grow on site a certain % of what you sell. i haven't been to one in many years but you can't throw a stick in denver without hitting one. some are medical only, some recreational only, some both but separated. edibles are huge. concentrates are huge.
    delivery as far as i know is not legal. gotta be brick and mortar. gotta put up huge sum of cash for license, extensive background check etc. . most take only cash
    Hey rky you give me a bit off food for thought my friend think off useing Fp for veg and ionic for bloom al see how it works out an let you no M? You in uk with hard water and you are in hydro to arnt you !? Just wanting to see if we was in sort off same boat do you not use a silica too !? Or just the two bottles you said before !?
    Hey Bud,
    Hows tricks? What you growing now?
    I had a fucked grow this spring, fungal gnats.

    Headed your way in the fall. Look forward..

    Oh yeah, my fall grow is going to be vertical, individual screens, three plants and they will be tied to the screens they will not be like a vertical Scrog.

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