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    Nye vs Ken right now, don't miss it.

    Did you guys see that post-debate, the creation museum and their ministries received something like seventy-three million dollars in donations?
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    Zero respect

    I believed it too because some reputable people repeated it as well. I guess that's the fallacy behind the argument from authority.
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    Zero respect

    So, I offer science and reason and you dismiss it. I offer proof from WITHIN the Bible and you still dismiss it. You know, back when I was working with the church there was one thing ahead of all others that bothered me and you are illustrating it very well. Most of the theology modern...
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    I've heard this too. Idk either way really. It's tough to figure out who the authorities are on this subject. They say the same thing about Krishna as well but they go by the hindu calendar which changes every year sorta like the islamic calendat, so idk how they could really say for certain...
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    Zero respect

    ***Deleted because rude***
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    Zero respect

    IT'S THE SAME THING WITH THE SAMARITAN WOMAN! He treats her like a slave and talks down to her. Geez! You people have been so indoctrinated with this feel good God and Jesus love everyone bs that you can't see what the Bible actually says! And I'm not even reading between the lines. You do know...
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    Zero respect

    You know Jesus didn't write the New Testament, right? As to Jesus, speaking to people outside of his social group... that's complete BS. Take Mark 7:24-30 and Mathew 15:21-28 Most people take the story of the Syrophoenician woman as a way of showing Jesus' grace and kindness to everyone. But...
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    Zero respect

    The bible IS fallacious! You may know the bible, but you apparently don't know ABOUT the bible. Also He claimed that he and everyone else was a son of God; in the same way we say someone is a "son of a bitch" or "son of a dog". It means they have the characteristic of a bitch or a dog, NOT that...
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    I saw a spiritual alien and now the UFOs are above My house!

    I can't believe, after a year, this exact conversation is still ongoing.
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    Zero respect

    Jesus never claimed divinity. All the theology we get about the resurrection, etc comes from Paul and those forging his name and does not come from Jesus. Jesus never came to save the world from their sins as so many people like to think. Jesus was merely an apocalyptic preacher. His message was...
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    Zero respect

    When I was studying to become a pastor, I realized that most people hadn't read the Bible in it's entirety and even fewer knew the TRUE origin of the books of the Bible. If they knew the real story, there would be many fewer christians around today.
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    Advice I wish I'd received as a kid.

    I did include this one in the book already "How embarrassing, a fridge full of condiments and no food." Fight Club
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    Cuz even back in the day they needed security for their concerts. OMG that WAS badass.
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    God is a Dick....

    Yes he ks. unfirtunat35;y I had toi fo ,ost of the way through divinity scool to figutree iy out.