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  • Finally remembered my password
    I believe l was running a 1,000W HPS and had 9 plants on the go.
    l strain was either Blue S.A.G.E. or RomulanX7of9.
    Is this the 2nd attempt?
    Which starin are you going to grow this time?
    How many plants do you have in there & how much are you expecting to yield?

    Any chance of pics?
    hi, i loveit, i have given my flooded vertical 10 days veg so i can get enough cuttings for another homemade grow.

    the top tube and bottom tube of plants seem to be quite a bit smaller and less robust
    than the two middle tubes. i will put the tubes closer together next time, they are about 7" apart.
    the good plants are quite big and i have just flipped the switch to 12/12 and expect 2.5 weeks of extra growth. i have used garden wire wrapped around the tubes and then hooked onto the plants to bend them back towards the tubing to protect them from getting too close to the light and to hopefully increase the side branch size.
    I too am in search for invite. Do you happen to have referrals to other sites?
    Mainly just nutes. I find myself to be an intelligent individual and i'm pretty good at doing my own personal independent research but i seem to be having a problem with PPM. how the hell can i measure my PPM levels if i dont have the money for a meter? and out of curiousity i was wondering what formula you use for your hydro-nute-solution just to make sure i am running a good one.. this will be my first ever complete grow and im using a DWC/Bubbler system that i constructed on my own and seems to be doing its job correctly considering my women haven't died yet lol. idk i mean by the looks of things i think i'm doing everything right. i can have pics/video to you for reference if you'd like. I guess im just looking for an experienced one's opinion.
    Hey there. I would like to talk to you about your methods and what seems to work best for you; e.g. nutes, lights, systems, clones.. etc.
    Have a Good One:weed:
    I see that you have posted a message on my journal, which automatically subscribes you to it. When ever a new post has been added to the thread youll be notified in the "My Rollitup" section (My Rollitup tab at the top).
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