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  • Holy youre still here eh? thats awesome man. i was just popin in to see if i could recover a couple old photos. Its been a few minutes (about 4 1/2 - 5 years lol) since ive logged in here for sure. Im still growing using DG nutes exclusively. Still having the same predictable results. I average between 500-700 ppm for flowering plants. Anyways i just thought id drop a line to ya and say high :)
    Hello HB...I was wondering what your take on Dyna's foliage pro all the way through flower by itself verses grow plus bloom ? According to the CEO of Dyna Gro , their bloom really isn't needed, I do Deep Water culture . and have followed your posts for a couple of years and had good results.. have you ever just used FP though the entire grow ? Thanks for your time...Oz
    Hey, Nice to see your still helping people who actually want it. Thanks for all your help. I'm just returning to site so i gotta go read your new journals. I think I read you changed to FP vs. the regulars? I'll have to check it out cause I just ordered the regulars again. Maybe I'll switch to FP instead.
    If you can tell me how to put a journal. I added a grow project, but need to know if I did it right or how to go about. Would be greatly appreciated. Thnx. :)
    if you have time , i have a question, i have some like 3 year old botanicaire nutes, you think they will do harm?
    hey, jenky jig. in your experience testing synthetics, is less ever more? and how much less can be more? dig the vest, fo sho.
    Hey there Mr. Homebrewer... Thanks for accepting me. I really like your posts, appreciate your scientific and disciplined approach and would love to see the final results of the great white test. I used to grow hydro around '92 and dynagrow was my first choice since they were one of the first to do alot of things that just made sense to me. Of course I was only 15 and I had a good talk with a dynagrow rep at the L.A. county fair who got me all hyped up on it, but it never let me down. I'm a big fan of trying to do everything I do the "best" which is why I got excited enough about fogponics to give it a shot and get back into growing. I'll be working on a journal soon. Cheers!- oh and I love Napoleon Dynamite too- lol
    running hydro ebb n' flo using all 4 products grow,bloom,protek,mag, is there anything else you would recomend as far as for flavor,smell,etc.. oh 1 other question i got half a bottle of over drive(i know how you feel about a/n)but i dont want it to go to waste.. think it would be ok to incorporate it into my nutes? also got a bottle of Canna pk 13/14 i wanna use up all the nutes i have but iam looking for a set schedule well more like an ULTIMATE feed schedule.. thats why i am asking you seems like i can learn alot from ya hope you dont mind just try to be the best grower i can be.:weed: i also wanna do a spring grow outside w/soil so a soil schedule would be great also..
    When I say 16-24 i mean 16-24 in rotation, 4 clones, 4 veg'n, and 8-16 flowers all a few weeks apart. So 6 plants you get a pound? wow. You got your shiz down! Im still about a year out from that kind of set up because I want to get my system just right then mess around with different stains, then start the rotation. How long do you veg for? I have read a little about supercropping but I will read more and try it out the next grow. Any good articles you know of? Thanks again for all your help. You seem to be the only one who responds back to my questions. Late.
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