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    bodhi seeds

    Thought i would do a quick report on sunshine #4 beans 11 beans 5 males 6 females well into flower have 2 pheno that really stand out from the crowd very dank smelling and coated in crystals will post some pics before the chop. Be popping some chocolate trip beans next.
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    What beans are you popping next?

    Just popped some sunshine #4 next on deck chocolate trip bohdi gear
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    Gavita - Anyone use them?

    Use the ac/de reflector with a gavita,nano etc DE ballast. Using a stand alone gavita generates way to much heat. Keep the light 26" from your canopy and you will get that 5x5 foot print your looking for with excellent par.
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    Gorilla Glue #4 in Michigan

    Here's a few more crosses will post some pics at a later date. ( this winters search) Fire alien x gg4 = alien glue Super lemon og x gg4 = super lemon glue Og grape krypt x gg4 = kryptinite glue
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    Fat Marty Seeds.

    Looks like I need to pop a few fat cheese as well. Looks great.......
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    Fat Marty Seeds.

    Doing a American Baddass now = grape stomper x purple Marty just put into flower. Will post some pics in a few weeks with a update.
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    New Rules/Fees/Application Forms January 1

    Tens of millions of drivers face the prospect of a breathalyzer test for weed in the coming years in the U.S. as the trend toward medical marijuana legalization and outright adult-use legalization collides with another trend: the decades-old push to make the roads safer. The much-feared...
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    a/c question

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    coyotes got my cat They took down a buck in my back yard this summer not much left of him. gave a good fight back yard was a mess almost ate the whole thing. Trail cam pics found amazing the 10 point lost...
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    Music to medicate to

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    Music to medicate to

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    Music to medicate to

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    Music to medicate to

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    Govita Pro dual ended super HPS?

    Just received found in LA