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    DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

    I've still never had a problem with root rot that wasn't caused by a disconnected or pinched air line or a bad air pump. I've never worried about water temperature, keeping things sterile, or beneficial bacteria stuff. I still don't get it after all this time. What is the point? If your...
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    Safe to use Epsom Salts while also using CalMag?

    Magnesium sulfate is one of the best sources of sulfur for DWC growers potassium sulfate if you need potassium. sulfuric acid pH down
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    Ph up and ph down

    Essential depot potassium hydroxide flakes. 14mg per 4 gallons is about how much battery acid I need to get the carbonates out of my well water. pH will just stay above 7 otherwise.
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    Do i need RO filter?

    I wish I had water like that.
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    Tell me why I shouldn’t !

    Play something anti-drug to throw people off. You wouldn't want someone hearing suspicious music and figuring out what you're doing!
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    Dolomite Lime and Coco - pH problems?

    Stop telling noobs to starve their plants! Drop a seed in fertile soil and it will burn to death? Please feed your seedlings!!!
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    Light change :-)

    Smash them all!
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    CFL in 2019

    Where do you even find CFL anymore.
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    NPK RAW, create your own nutes!

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    How do you mix your nutrients?

    Syringe 40mL of A and 40mL of B into plastic bins with 4 gallons of water.
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    Difference between nitrate and ammonium nitrogen

    Plants can take up ammonium directly and quickly use it as nitrogen, but at the cost of blocked potassium uptake (and other cations) which causes symptoms we know as N toxicity. It can help regulate pH because of what atomizer said, but you will quickly run into problems if you add too much...
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    Difference between nitrate and ammonium nitrogen

    How about some synthetic organic urea?
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    DIY pH up with calcitic lime?

    I know it doesn't help you much, but if I knew I always had to use lots of pH up, I'd use less KNO3 and K2PO4 and more KOH. I'm not lucky enough to have this problem though (hard water).
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    DIY pH up with calcitic lime?

    Yes, KOH is 69.7% K by mass. When multiplied by K2O conversion factor (for NPK rating), KOH is 0-0-83.6. NaOH would add unneeded sodium which antagonizes potassium uptake.
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    DIY pH up with calcitic lime?

    calcium nitrate is pretty much your only option to supply calcium in hydro. (also where most of your N should come from)