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  • hi Bodhi...
    hope you are well
    i am waiting for apollo 11...please tell me there is going to more at attitude sb!!!
    i keep looking every day:)
    Whats up man, looking to grow some of you genetics im running a 2000 watt indoor setup and ebb and flow setup im looking more for yeild and taste then looks and smell if you could give me some input i would appreciated, Thanks Bigworm
    Bodhi, just a quick question. I managed to get a pack of the house of funk frost hammer, dropped 5 of 10, got 5 girls. Since there is next to no info or reports to be found, thought i would ask... Is there a specific pheno i should be looking for? Got one that is just pure armpit funk, two that i think are more on the snow lotus side with buttery muffin scents mixed with a hint of funk. What should i expect as they have just gone full regalla? Is there a set time frame like 50 days or this was just a genetic science experriment that got a happy ending...
    so far very impressed with structure and patterns. Great job
    Hey bhodi.i look up to you more than you could imagine. I joined this forum only cuz i couldnt find you on any others im allready a member at.hey listen been having some badnluck latley.i seen goji og at tude and iv been checking that strain evryday cpl times a day.so i grabbed two packs and it was allgod then it wouldnt let me buy said error.so went to re do order and BAM just like that sold out lol.so i said guess im getting dream lotus.no biggie grabed it phone died well i was finishing order.git onside charged pho.eand boom.its gone now today too lol ANYWAYS the point of my long story is lol could you shoot me a heads up when to expexct more goji og or where i could grab it other wisr.thanx my freind godbless and keep pumping out your majestic plants
    Hi, just wanted to know if you intended to drop any more Elf Snack and Tranquil Elephantizer as I have been waiting and waiting. Seemed like when you did the last drop on Attitude they were gone in 60 seconds... Happily on a side note, I did manage to get the Sunshine Daydream and am very excited about that. What an amazing genetic line up you have...Compliments and keep up the good vibes!
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