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  • hello there hope all is well looking to make a order and wondering what the current discount code is for riu family(~);}}} thanks a bunch have a blessed day!
    Hey, please email me about Midweek Song US: #100006989. I emailed you a few times. I spent weeks setting up bitcoins. I sent you everything needed.
    Hey brother I have a quick question. Is the Roll20 discount code no longer available for RIU users? I am placing an order as I type to you and the discount code did not work.
    Hey lewis, I order some beans from you the other day but I'm having trouble accessing my accout. could you shoot me an email with some help please? My email is [email protected]
    :) I did the bank transfer because the website denied my debit card payment, I need to access my accout so I can do the bank transfer so you can receive your moolah! Thanks in advance!
    Hello Lewis, Keith here from the US. Just thought I'd thank you publicly for the amazing service and quality of your beans. I was surprised to see you on roll it up. Cool. Can't wait to try your g.s.c. freebie. Lookin lovely. Thanks for everything.
    Im from Pak. was hesitant to order online. Eventually did order a couple of strains on Midweek Song on 13th March and got them muuuuuch earlier than expected on 21 March 2016. Lewis is the Man and Midweek Song is the place. got a lot of free seeds too! :P
    will definitely order again!
    Thanks for the follow, man. Been hearing your name in praise pretty often lately, so it's an honor. Will check out your bank relatively soon.
    Olive Drab Green
    Olive Drab Green
    Two orders so far and I couldn't be happier with your service and products. Thanks, Lewis.
    Am planning on ordering seeds in the near future from your company. Only real question I have is where does your debit card processing go through? I only ask because I have to pre authorize debit card purchases made overseas (I'm in US). They ask for the country it will go through. I didn't see that info on the website but if I missed it I apologize.
    Thanks in advance
    Midweek Song
    Midweek Song
    Hi Wilderb
    Your card will be processed through the UK

    Thank you for the seeds I've had some complications with a few but I believe that it was due to my inexperience in growing anyways that top 44 x with bubblegum Feminized is turning out real nice! Hope to do more business with your company in the near future!
    Hello thanks for following anything interesting going on, just order sum white widow want to cross it with the polarbear og and see what I get hopefully something nice
    Hi Lewis

    Can you please pm me. I'm trying to place an order with visa debit card getting error auth 2000
    Midweek Song is legit, Got me my souvenir seeds in breeder packs sealed and got them in 9 days with freebies! Delivery was stealthy and no trouble getting to the middle of the states!! Cheers Mate! Goodbye attitude!
    This company is really great , got my package just perfect and I have tried most seed company's . I have seen some post by people who have questioned them because of the Gdp strain being legit . Those idiots tried running down a great company like Midweeksong. This is the company I will be using . Dr: Kush thanks you here in the U.S.
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