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Yield per plant

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by come_gr0w_with_us, Feb 15, 2007.


    come_gr0w_with_us Well-Known Member

    i took a trip over to the outdoor forum and people were talking about getting up to 3.5 POUNDS per plant outside and like 7-14 ounces inside. I just wanted to clear things up about this. If your plant harvests that heavy, doesnt it have to be vegging for at least 6 months or is it all about the expertise of the grower. Also, does everyone agree that 3.5 POUNDS per plant is reasonable... that would have to b a fucking marijuana tree.
    ablazed blunt

    ablazed blunt Well-Known Member

    Not everyone can grow a plant that produces 3.5pounds but it is possible.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    my trees were 6' and averaged 1/2 pound. 3.5 lbs is a rare thing.

    Knucklecallus420 Active Member

    o m f g... half a fucking pound is enough for me anyways per plant... wow
    wouldnt 3.5 make the damn plant collapse?

    311grower Well-Known Member

    thats why ya gotta tie em up...so tha budz don't make dem fall ova.

    blackout Well-Known Member

    fuck that must be one big fucking plant,i have never seen one but some of the photos on the net i can believe folk can do it?i only count primo bud though,and if i get ten ozs of my outdoor i will be very happy,the rest has to be dumped to hard to carry al that shit leave and crap,though i would give bubble hash a go if i could get all the crap home

    Dootchy Active Member

    3.5lbs wet i bet

    luckysevens777 Active Member

    It could happen, I guess you just need a little bit of luck and a quality strain, I wouldnt count on that much though
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    or if you only had on plant and u used all the methods under the sun you could get it and probaly more.
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    i mean you could use super cropping extra lighting pruning topping
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    i'll try and grow a plant with a yeild that big
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    yes some sativas will most certainly yield that much dry. only one harvest a year outdoor though. my neighbor in socal years ago had sativas planted directly in the ground that were literally small tree/bushes that actually became a problem because of height. they had direct sun light all day and good conditions and care. the circumfrence of the main stems were many inches. and he would have huge annual yields dont know what strain exactly though this was a few years ago. i wish i could do out and indoor grows now oh well.:cry:
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    yer i'll do some research

    CannaSeur Well-Known Member

    If you want to see different strains grown in optimum conditions, check out the Greenhouse seeds website. they have videos of 95% of what they are selling.

    Reminder: This is just to show you what "possibilities" his genetics can do, not what your goin to get when you buy his seeds. also if you notice the pots he grows them in. He will tell you the ph levels he grows them in and all about the genetics and history etc, in general detail. only thing sucks is that the video is not that great quality. But for sure a must see for all you guys and women on here if yu haven't seen them already. I haven't found another company do what he did. you can even find the videos on you tube and google vids if you can't find the site just type "greenhouse seeds".

    hope that helps.

    Juntistik Well-Known Member

    i was reading some shit on the history of cannabis as a species, and supposedly some outdoor plants (sativa ) in very prime regions of the world can grow up to 30 ft!!!!!

    30 FEET!!!! imagine THAT!

    edit: it was in dj shorts breeding tips - found here on riu
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    30ft plants i could see it. old school landrace sativas not as potent as a our current hybrids though but crazy yields.
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    how much is a pound
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    is it about 800gs or somin
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    cause iv found a few hybrids that are inside growers and give u between 1-2 pounds
    Carribean Blue

    Carribean Blue Well-Known Member

    £22 for five seeds

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